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10 Pregnancy Items That You May Want to Think Twice About Before Buying

It’s no wonder every expectant mother wants to take care of herself and get prepared for the arrival of the baby. Pregnant women buy some very special items, like support belts, breast pumps, and fetal dopplers. But in many cases, these purchases aren’t necessary, and we’ll tell you why.

This article is for information purposes only. It’s recommended you always consult a healthcare professional first.

1. Pregnancy support belt

Wearing a support belt may be effective in reducing some pregnancy aches and pains. But if a pelvic belt is too tightly fitted, it’s a complete waste of money. It can cause constipation and increase the risk of lower back problems.

  • It did not help me. What helped me was being careful and not overdoing it. Sit down to put shoes and pants on, don’t push yourself when you feel pain. Oddly enough, I felt much better in the third trimester. © Selkiespouse / Reddit

2. Pregnancy pillow

A pregnancy pillow is quite bulky and usually takes up much of the bed. A regular pillow also provides good support.

  • I’m 35 weeks and I still just use a good old bed pillow between my legs. I’ve tried several styles of pregnancy pillows and I don’t like any of them, too bulky in bed and too hot. © beezkneez415 / Reddit

3. White noise machine

If you want to use white noise to help your baby sleep better at night, you should know some important caveats. First, some of the noise machines exceed recommended safe noise limits. It can cause impaired hearing in babies because they are usually vulnerable to loud noises. Secondly, white noise can be addictive. And besides, free white noise apps work no worse than expensive gadgets.

4. Breast pump

You should not buy a breast pump in advance because it may not fit you. The size of the breast pump flange is critical. If it’s too big or too small, it can cause soreness or clogged ducts. It might be better to look into pump advice initially at the hospital.

5. Changing table

It’s not necessary to buy a changing table. It takes up a lot of space in the room and may be impossible to use after your baby reaches 32 inches in height. Some parents prefer to use portable pads on the bed or floor.

  • We always changed diapers on the floor. The changing table was a waste of money and I sold it months ago. © DisastrousFlower / Reddit
  • I just had a foldable waterproof pad that I popped out whenever, wherever. Sitting on the floor was some 80% of all diaper changes for my baby. It hurt my back to bend at the exact height the changing table was, so it was just easier. © purple_lava3 / Reddit

6. Stretch mark creams and oils

Stretch marks usually appear after a sudden change in weight. There is no high-quality evidence that applying special creams, oils, or other skincare products can help to make streaks less noticeable.

7. Baby sling

A sling can help you in daily life if you follow strict safety guidelines. Violating even one of them can be dangerous for the health of your baby. It can cause them to have trouble breathing and lead to suffocation. Maybe it’s better to buy an easier-to-use carrier.

8. Fetal doppler

Healthcare professionals don’t think the use of fetal dopplers at home is a good idea. First, it can cause extra stress and anxiety to the mother. That isn’t good for pregnant women. And secondly, it is not certain that the long-term use of such equipment is safe.

9. Maternity clothes

Maternity clothes often look “too maternity-like.” Ariane Goldman, the founder of Hatch, believes they can even be “demoralizing.” Moreover, maternity clothes can be unreasonably expensive.

  • I just buy oversized-style clothes rather than maternity. Flowy dresses, oversized shirts, etc. Hope that helps. Maternity clothes are often awful. © loopylicky / Reddit
  • Maternity clothes are kind of a scam, except for an awesome pair of stretchy and comfy maternity jeans that fit well. © LadyStethoscope / Reddit

10. Compression stockings

Compression stockings are effective for preventing lower limb edema in pregnant women. However,
there are some contraindications for wearing them, like, for instance, severe cardiac insufficiency. Compression therapy, therefore, is carried out only by prescription.

Every mother has her own experience using the above items. Please share your experience with us. Which pregnancy items really helped you? And which ones were bought in vain?

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