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10 Products on Amazon for People Who Love Starting Their Day With a Glorious Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and, as such, there’s nothing quite like taking some time in the morning to cook and enjoy some delicious food and drinks.

5-Minute Crafts has curated a list of breakfast products that will make you wish it’s early in the morning already.

1. PureMate — Juicer Machine

Start your day with a refreshing juice, which will save you time on preparation as no fruit cutting is needed. Also, this appliance features two modes: low speed is perfect for soft fruits and vegetables (such as mango and kale), while the other is ideal for harder ingredients (like carrots and beets).

Get this item from Amazon here.

2. Bodum — Tea Press

Brew a nice cup of tea in this amazing glass tea press, which has up to 17 ounces (or 0.5 liters) of liquid capacity and is great for both loose and teabags. Its tea filler includes an elastic silicone rim, which ensures that leaves and kernels stay in place within the strainer.

Get this item from Amazon here.

3. Aigostar — Sandwich/Panini Press

Make some delicious sandwiches on this grill, with stainless steel plates that are non-stick and require minimum cleaning effort. This device offers uniform heating technology for quickly cooking a variety of meals, such as panini bread or crispy bacon (when opened at 180 degrees into its griddle position).

Get this item from Amazon here.

4. Neo — Electric Egg Cooker

Cook your eggs the way you prefer them in this 3-in-1 device, which will allow you to make boiled eggs, poached eggs, or omelets. Just set the on button and the cooker will automatically cut off when the food is ready. It’s a win-win purchase!

Get this item from Amazon here.

5. OXO — Avocado Slicer

This one is for avocado lovers out there: an all-in-one slicer. This gadget will allow you to 1) cut an avocado into halves, 2) remove its pit without any dangerous knives, and 3) slice and lift fruit from the skin into perfectly even pieces. It’s one of those purchases you didn’t know you needed.

Get this item from Amazon here.

6. Crimper — Breakfast Maker Station

If you’re in the mood for a nutritious and hearty meal, this multi-purpose breakfast machine will be right up your alley: you’ll be able to brew coffee, bake sweet goods, and cook sausages all at the same time. This appliance is pretty small, so it won’t take up too much room in your kitchen.

Get this item from Amazon here.

7. IMURZ — Personal Blender

Make healthy and silky-smoothie shakes with this personal blender whose sharp blades can crush fruit and vegetables within seconds (including ice). This is a lightweight and compact gadget that will save lots of countertop space in the kitchen, which is also pretty safe to use as it includes a non-slip base.

Get this item from Amazon here.

8. NETTA — Waffle Maker

Cook some delicious waffles in just five minutes with this practical waffle maker, which is extremely easy to use due to its non-stick coating plates, adjustable temperature control, and ’ready to cook’ light.

Get this item from Amazon here.

9. Shardor — Electric Coffee and Spice Grinders

Get coarse or fine coffee powder with this grinder for coffee beans, which will quickly and efficiently get the job done in seconds for some fresh brewing. Plus, this appliance features an additional chopper bowl for wet materials. You’ll be able to grind seeds, sesame spices, dried fruits, onions, and garlic.

Get this item from Amazon here.

10. Bobikuke — Divided Frying Pan

Cook three different food items simultaneously and avoid cleaning multiple grills with this divided frying pan, which makes it super easy to fry bacon, eggs, and pancakes separately. In addition, the pan can be covered with a tempered transparent glass lid that resists high temperatures.

Get this item from Amazon here.

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