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10 Puzzles From Amazon That Will Occupy Your Brain

Who doesn’t like to spend an evening or 2 doing an entertaining puzzle? However, it can be difficult to find a puzzle that really occupies the mind.

5-Minute Crafts has created a list of some of the most unusual puzzles that will be a real challenge for you.

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1. London jigsaw puzzle

Popular Pick

This puzzle comes with a full-size poster that you can use to decorate a wall of your home. Made up of 1,000 pieces, it’s certain to excite even the most experienced puzzle-solving enthusiast.

2. ROKR 3D car puzzle

Best Seller

3D wooden puzzles continue to grow in popularity. This model consists of 220 pieces, some of which are so small that they must be removed with a special tool. Yes, this puzzle is sure to be a challenge!

3. Tikimoon Earth and Moon puzzles

Top Pick

One side of this puzzle is the Earth and the other side is the Moon. The size of this puzzle when assembled is 26.6 inches in diameter, making it a unique decoration for your home.

4. Empire State Building 3D puzzle

Amazon’s Choice

This 3D puzzle is assembled without glue and has LEDs, making it not only fun to put together, but also spectacular to look at. It can be built either by eye or with the supplied instructions. Treat yourself or your loved ones with this wonderful puzzle.

5. ROKR Marble run puzzle

Popular Pick

Another 3D wooden puzzle that will appeal to anyone who likes to build intricate structures. It comes with special tools and balls. Launching these balls down the slide will give you a basic understanding of physics and the movement of objects.

6. Cloudberries vintage star map puzzle

Great Rating

With this clever puzzle, you can explore the many constellations in detail. It’s especially suitable for astronomy enthusiasts, and the unusual vintage design will be appreciated by fans of colorful puzzles.

7. 3D brain-teaser puzzle

Amazon’s Choice

This puzzle will be a real intellectual challenge for anyone. It will develop your creative thinking and spatial imagination. The 54 wooden pieces fit tightly together when they are assembled, making the process truly engaging.

8. Coolzon magic puzzle cubes

Great Buy

We’ve all tried to perfect a Rubik’s Cube at least once, but this set contains some unusual variations. Attention to detail is a skill that is required when putting these together. But that’s what puzzles are for, right?

9. Elena Essex 1000-piece puzzle

Amazon’s Choice

This 1000-piece puzzle will not only help you focus but also immerse you in the colorful world of animals. Made from quality cardboard, this puzzle will last a long time. It is 50×70 cm, so you can also decorate your wall with it.

10. Ravensburger Buckingham Palace 3D puzzle

Amazon’s Choice

No glue is needed to assemble this model, and the kit also includes LEDs. The 237 plastic parts fit tightly together to create a beautiful composition. If you’re an experienced 3D puzzle builder, try building Buckingham Palace without the instructions.

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