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10 Relaxing Products From Amazon That Can Create an At-Home Spa Experience

Self-care can take many forms, and one of them is looking after your body to relax and recharge. For example, you can pamper your skin with a soothing skincare routine or take a nice bubble bath. These calming activities can feel just as luxurious as going to a spa if you use the right products at home.

5-Minute Crafts has selected a list of relaxing bath and body products that are currently on sale and will feel like spa treatments without breaking the bank.

1. Ice roller

Buy the ice roller on Amazon now.

Cooling beauty massager

Use this ice roller on your face to tighten pores, reduce inflammation, and boost your natural glow. You can even experiment with natural ingredients to customize it, such as cucumber and rose water.

2. Crackling candle

Get the crackling candle on Amazon now.

Unique shape

Set the tone for a calm evening with this amazing candle that produces a nice crackling sound like a fireplace. Its perfectly balanced scent, including fresh and sweet notes, will burn for up to 50 hours.

3. Under-eye patches

Purchase the eye patches on Amazon now.

Gentle and non-irritating

Feel luxurious with these hydrating under-eye patches, infused with 24K gold. They’re ideal for dark circles and puffy eyes, so you can use them before an important event to look fabulous.

4. Foot peel mask

Buy the foot mask on Amazon now.

Best value

Get baby soft feet with this peel mask for dry skin and cracked heels. This is an effective and painless method that will get rid of dead skin after a few days, so the old skin will actually peel off on its own.

5. Bath pillow

Get the bath pillow on Amazon now.

Deluxe comfort

Taking a bath is one of the ultimate relaxing experiences, so it’s important to feel comfy while doing so. This pillow will offer exactly that thanks to its magic softness and ergonomic design that can support your head.

6. Hair scalp massager

Purchase the scalp massager on Amazon now.

Easy and practical

Get yourself this awesome scalp massager that can be used on wet or dry hair. This is a multi-purpose product that can also act as a dandruff brush, scalp exfoliator, and hair scrubber.

7. Sleep butter

Buy the sleep butter on Amazon now.


Before going to bed, apply this rich butter cream that will deeply moisturize your skin overnight. Apart from being vegan, its relaxing essential oils will help you get a restful night’s sleep.

8. Wooden bath tray

Get the bath tray on Amazon now.

Great buy

This extendable tray will allow you to enjoy a warm bath while you read a nice book or watch your favorite TV shows. Also, its pretty wooden material will serve as a nice contrast against any tub.

9. Face mask

Purchase the face mask on Amazon now.

Organic formula

Pamper your complexion with this dreamy face mask that will reduce the appearance of pores and prevent breakouts. Your skin will feel softer, refreshed, and balanced in just 10 minutes.

10. Bath salts

Buy the bath salts on Amazon now.

Premium beauty

Unwind with these incredible mineral-rich sea salt crystals that come all the way from South America. This product feels very high-end because of its minimalistic design, but it has a great price tag.

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