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10 Skincare Products That Are Receiving 5-Star Reviews

Our skin requires daily care and, with the right products, it is possible to achieve this. From hydration to removing redness and pimples, find the right ones that can meet your needs.

5-Minute Crafts prepared this list of popular skin-care items that are getting great feedback.

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1. Dots for Spots pimple patches

Buy the Dots for Spots pimple patches here.

Amazon’s Choice

Use the patches for blemishes, to reduce the redness on your skin, and to prevent breakouts. They are made from vegan ingredients and without irritating elements. It’s best to wear them for 6+ hours for optimal results.

Review: “For me, the best thing is that these stickers are almost invisible and that they calm down the appearance of the spots massively. I will happily walk around with one on without makeup on.” Amazon Customer

2. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil for scars

Buy the Bio-Oil Skincare Oil for scars here.

Best Seller

This product can help you to lessen the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and an uneven skin tone. It has different vitamins and oils that nourish your skin. To use: Apply it on your skin twice a day for at least 3 months.

Review: “When I bought this, I expected it to work but I thought it would take like a month or something to kick into action but I’ve only owned it for like 3 days and I’ve been using it morning and night on my stomach for those 3 days and it’s already disappearing! I’m completely shocked because I didn’t expect results this fast.” Demi

3. CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser, for dry, uneven skin

Buy the CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser for dry and uneven skin here.

Top Deal

Clean the skin of your face and body without damaging its protective barrier. This dermatologically tested product contains hyaluronic acid and active ingredients that will ensure hydration.

Review: “My skin is oily-combination, I don’t tend to get a lot of pimples, but a few here and there. I get an oily forehead with a few bumps under the skin. At first, I tried using morning and evening but it was a bit too much and made my skin feel tight. Once a day is working perfectly. So glad I bought this, feels like a long-term product!” Karen

4. NIVEA SUN protect & moisture spray SPF50

Buy the NIVEA SUN protect & moisture spray SPF50 here.

Best Seller

This water-resistant, moisturizing sunscreen can give you a medium level of sun protection and it’s suitable for all skin types. It can reduce the sun allergies or damage that UV rays can cause.

Review: “Although it’s important to allow our skin exposure to the sun, for those of us with very sensitive skin it’s important to remember to protect it when necessary. I find that this product does that and it lasts a long time too.” Jedi From Jakku

5. Garnier Summer Body gradual self-tanning moisturizer

Buy the Garnier Summer Body gradual self-tanning moisturizer here.

Best Seller

This moisturizing lotion can help you to achieve a natural-looking tan while hydrating your skin. It is fast-absorbing, dermatologically tested, and can help your sensitive skin achieve a sun-kissed look.

Review: “I’ve been searching for a natural/olive undertone all year round tan instead of feeling dry using instant foam tans constantly. This has been a lifesaver. I’ve used it only 4 times this week and feel so moisturized and the most tanned I’ve been in I think, my life! I have just bought another bottle.” Charley

6. Weleda Skin Food nourishing body cream

Buy the Weleda Skin Food nourishing body cream here.

Best Seller

The nourishing ingredients of sunflower seed oil and flower extracts will refresh your skin and provide a hydrating treatment for the whole body. It is suitable for dry skin and can protect it from the elements.

Review: “I have been using this for less than a week and it is a wonder product. Use a tiny amount, warmed up in my hands first, across my cheekbones and forehead, and then patted into the skin. I feel there has almost been a ‘blurring’ effect on my skin. Like a real-life filter!” VictoriaW

7. O’Keeffe’s foot cream

Buy the O’Keeffe’s foot cream here.

Best Seller

This oil-free cream is unscented and hypoallergenic. After applying, it gives a healthy hydrated feel to the skin. The ingredients of this cream can go through thick layers of skin, providing deep moisturization.

Review: “I have tried well-known branded foot creams in the past that turned out to be a waste of money. However, having read the reviews I gave this one a go, and OMG, after one application I really noticed a massive difference. The rough skin had really softened and wearing shoes became comfortable again!” Alistair the Scott

8. Simple cleansing facial wipes

Buy the Simple cleansing facial wipes here.

Best Seller

These wipes can refresh your skin and remove dirt and makeup. They don’t have any artificial color or scent so they won’t dry out the skin, but instead nourish it with ingredients like vitamin B5, vitamin E, and glycerin.

Review: “I use Simple wipes to remove makeup as I have very sensitive skin. I have used cheaper supermarket brands but I prefer these as they are thicker and moister, making it easier for me to get the makeup off. This multipack was a great value too!” Paul Parsons

9. Florence vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid

Buy the Florence vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid here.

Best Seller

This serum can help you with reducing the first signs of aging and can brighten and smooth your complexion. Apply it every day to your face, neck, and the area around the eyes to naturally lift your skin.

Review: “I never had a product that reduced the redness on my nose and cheeks! And my skin looks glowy, although it’s not sweaty or oily like it usually feels when it’s shiny. I am enjoying the product very much, applying it twice a day, and it’s only been 4 days since I tried it. I am loving it. Will try their moisturizer products as well!” Sonia

10. YogerYou hand cream gift set

Buy the YogerYou hand cream gift set here.

Best Seller

This set comes with hand lotion in 8 different fragrances, one foot cream, and one lip balm that can protect and moisturize your lips. The lotions are rich in shea butter and can provide hydration while softening dry skin.

Review: “I was very happy with this product. I arrived quickly and the packaging was good. There were lots of nice-smelling hand creams. I bought it as a gift for my wife and she was very happy with it. Also, when it arrived there was a piece of paper that offered a free gift if you left an unbiased review, although I left a good review because this product is very good and it’s perfect as a gift! I’m very pleased!” Neil

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