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10 Spring Bargains to Pamper Our Looks With

Sometimes the pieces that we wear can affect people’s opinions of us. Picking a different-colored bag, simple dress, or piece of jewelry can really change our look. Spring sales are just around the corner, and 5-Minute Crafts made a list of deals that will help you choose stylish clothes and accessories that can save you money.

1. EVER FAITH crystal Art Deco vintage-style earrings

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “I bought these to match a necklace I bought many years ago. I’m so pleased with the pairing!” — Mrs B

“Stunning, look far more expensive than I could have imagined. Love them!” — Jacqueline

“Beautiful, well-made earrings” — Sean D. Somerville

2. Crystal leaf drop earrings

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “I’ve tried lots of ear cuffs over the years but struggled to find ones that stayed in place and didn’t leave my ear looking red and irritated. Was starting to think the shape of my ear was the problem, but these work really well. I’ve been able to wear these comfortably all day without them sliding off.” — snippys

“Got these for my wife at Christmas. She was pleased with them and wore them for a few days without them falling off or anything, so I was quite impressed. They are very small so make sure you store them somewhere safe as you probably won’t ever find them if they get dropped on the carpet 👍🏻. It adds a little extra style to your look without being over blingy.” — Chris

3. A wide elastic waist belt

Get it from Amazon here.

Reviews: “Belt is as described, the sections on the back separate when stretched (this is supposed to happen so it can fit a larger waist) but it still looks nice. Bought the black but I’ll definitely buy another color in the future.” — Mark B

“I liked the quality and its looks so pretty on me. I would recommend.” — Amazon customer

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “This was bought as a birthday present for a friend who had recently moved to a house with a bath, which she did not have at her old place. She said the bath bombs smell delicious and the shower steamers are scented beautifully. Happy friend, so very pleased!” — PinguWoo

5. Wishliker waterproof artificial leather backpack

Get it from Amazon here.

Reviews: “This bag is fine to carry a few items. I use it to transport 2 iPads plus charging equipment/cables. It is a small capacity bag but perfect for all the bits and pieces required to power iPads and phones when away from home. It was purchased for this purpose and I am quite happy. Also perfectly large enough to carry a packed lunch. Many, many uses for this lovely bag and it is very comfortable to wear.” — M M A

6. Classic foot chain anklet

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “Lovely anklet that dresses up an outfit effortlessly. Great value for the money and would be happy to repurchase again. Thank you!” — F. Vassell

7. Gelike ec Nail Tips

Get it from Amazon here.

Reviews: “Love these nails. Used them for 3 sets so far. Extremely long-lasting. None have come off and have caught them several times with some force. They have a natural bend to them so they don’t snap when you catch them. Excellent product and will be repurchasing. Easy to cut down and shape and they only take 30 seconds to cure under an LED light. Highly recommend.” — Amazon Customer

8. Lash Force eyelash growth serum

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “Honestly IT WORKS. I was very skeptical, but it does exactly what it says it does.

BROWS: I plucked most of my brows out 20 years ago. They never grew back — until I started using this product. I’ve only used it for 2 months, but already most of my brow hairs have started growing back.

LASHES: I can’t have lash extensions due to having very dry, sensitive eyes. So I tried this product and my lashes are now as long as false lashes in just 2 months. Approximately double their starting length. I haven’t experienced any eye irritation with this product and I have very sensitive eyes.” — Slim shady

9. Silky satin hair bows

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “So these are a very cheap price and I thought they’d be cheap quality but it’s okay, I only need it for Christmas Day. They turned up today and are amazing, great quality, they need a little iron out where it was in the bag, but other than that I’m really happy with them. I’ve recommended these to my friends and family and they are ordering some too. I would 100% buy again, thank you so much.” -Anne Marie

10. Basic hair clips

Get it from Amazon here.

Review: “I really like the design of these, simple yet elegant. You get 2 for only about $9 so the price is also a plus. They also seem very sturdy, will probably last longer than plastic ones which tend to break easily, so there is really not much to complain about.” — Justyna

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