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10 Tech Gadgets That All Pet Owners Ought to Have

From pet grooming gadgets to automatic feeders, there are so many gadgets available for pets to make their life easier and to take your pet-parenting to the next level. That being said, 5-Minute Crafts gathered the best bits from the Internet for your pets because they, of course, deserve the best.

1. This pet trimmer boasts 4 settings that are perfect for pets with curly, thick, long, or fine hair. You can also use it without the cord for a while.

Buy this pet trimmer here.

2. Train your pet the easy way with help from these pet training bells. You can use them for potty training, homeschooling, burglary for your pets, and also for table calls.

Buy these pet training bells here.

3. This pet grooming kit includes a brush, a comb, and a glove to remove all the loose fur and dirt from your pet, smooth their coat, and improve their blood circulation as well.

Buy this grooming kit here.

4. If you want to seek out hard-to-find spots, like where your pet’s urine stains are, this UV pen torch is worth a buy.

Buy this UV torch pen here.

5. This LED dog collar ensures that your pet is highly visible when you take them on a walk in the early morning, evenings, at night, or in low-light environments. These collars are easily rechargeable by USB, waterproof, and fully adjustable.

Buy this LED dog collar here.

6. This automatic pet feeder will keep your cat fed with the help of timer feeders. It can store up to 350 ml of dry or semi-wet food to help you stay on track with feeding times.

Buy this pet feeder here.

7. If you want to train your pet to get into your car or truck, you may want to invest in this pet ramp that will help you do so. This ramp is easily foldable, has a non-slippery surface, is lightweight, and is sturdy as well.

Buy this ramp here.

8. If you’re upset that your pet’s nails weren’t trimmed correctly, then this gadget makes sure you get it right. You can adjust the rotary speeds of the trimmer and keep any risks at bay.

Buy this pet nail trimmer here.

9. If you wish to go a little overboard for your pooch, then this pet water fountain is the best gift you can give them. It works silently, and to make the water pump work smoothly, ensure that the water in the fountain is no lower than its minimum level.

Buy this pet water fountain here.

10. If you want your pet to stay on the leash but still be able to explore the space a bit further, this retractable leash is the best buy. It can be extended for up to 8 meters, has a comfortable grip, and features a detachable LED flashlight that keeps your dog visible and safe during walks.

Buy this leash here.

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