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11 Accessories on Amazon to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone

Smartphones are perhaps the best device for you to engage with cutting-edge technology in everyday scenarios and applications. However, there are many accessories and peripherals that are capable of unlocking the capabilities of your smartphone even more. 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a list of accessories that you can purchase to turn your smartphone into a more practical and futuristic device.

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1. Phone camera lens kit

Buy the Bostionye 11-in-1 cell phone camera lens kit here.

Best for photography

This kit will take your photography game to the next level. With a wide range of lenses included — a macro lens, fisheye lens, and wide-angle lens, among others — you will capture nature like never before.

2. Screen magnifier

Buy Austings 12″ screen magnifier here (available in 3 other colors).

Best for media viewing

Tired of watching videos on a small screen? The lens included in this device will allow you to enjoy content on a 12″ screen. This is a great item if watching videos makes you suffer from eye strain.

3. Wireless charger

Buy the Anker 313 PowerWave wireless stand charger here.

Editor’s Choice

You’ll be able to charge your phone by simply placing it on the stand, whether it’s on portrait or landscape mode. It will also charge through most thin cases, further simplifying the process.

4. Magnetic phone mount

Buy the YOSH magnetic car phone mount here.

Popular Pick

The simple design of this phone mount provides critical benefits to the user, such as easy installation and one-hand operation. It works for most phones as long as they have a metal plate on the back.

5. Wireless earbuds

Buy the Taopod X08 wireless darbuds here (available in 4 other colors).

Best Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds’ set of features includes waterproof protection, one-step pairing, and support for Bluetooth 5.2. It also includes a LED display that neatly tells you how much battery you have left.

6. Phone grip

Buy the PopSockets PopGrip Basic here (available in 3 other colors).

Great Buy

This device allows you to better grip your phone with your fingers, giving you much more maneuverability and stability while handling it. It also doubles as a phone stand, making it even more useful.

7. Gooseneck phone holder

Buy the Lamicall Gooseneck Phone Holder on sale here (available in 2 other colors).

Popular Pick

Say goodbye to using your hands to hold your phone. This flexible yet sturdy gooseneck phone holder lets you hold your phone wherever you want thanks to its 360° clip holder and its 85-cm arm.

8. Waterproof phone case

Buy the JOTO universal waterproof pouch here (available in 14 other colors).

Great Buy

This case is essentially a waterproof pouch that will keep all phones of up to 7 inches safe from all water contact. It’s also touch-friendly so you will be able to fully use your phone while in and around water.

9. Cleaning pen

Buy the Rr Wcydc multi-purpose cleaning pen here (available in 2 colors).

Best for Phone Cleaning

This pen houses a metal pen tip, a flocking sponge, and a high-density microfiber brush tht can be used to thoroughly clean devices that tend to get dirty, such as your phone.

10. Power bank

Buy the INIU 10,000 mAh portable charger here.

Editor’s Choice

This device can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously and can be charged to 60% of its capacity in only 30 minutes. It also has a simple LED display that tells you how much power is left.

11. Stylus pen

Buy the MEKO stylus pen here (available in 6 other colors).

Great Buy

This 2-in-1 stylus comes with a disc tip at one end and a durable fiber tip at the other, giving you different options for situations that need either high precision or a larger contact area.

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