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11 Amazon Items That Can Spark Your Creativity

There is a creative component in all of us, but sometimes it is not so easy to awaken it in the daily grind. If you surround yourself with things that encourage creativity, it’s much easier to start creating something incredible.

We’ve created a list of items from Amazon, each of which can awaken your inner creativity.

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1. An acrylic pen set for rock painting

More than 2,000 happy customers

These incredible acrylic pens will help you draw on any surface, but they are especially good for painting on rocks. The 0.7 mm extra fine-tipped nibs will help you create the perfect drawing and amaze you with their quality. The incredibly bright prices will appeal to you and awaken your creativity.

Buy this 42-piece set on Amazon.

2. Painting by number, for those who are unsure of their skills but want to create something beautiful

Amazon’s Choice

Paintings by number have firmly taken their place in the bestselling art supplies shops. For a small price, you are buying yourself the opportunity to create an incredible piece of work. This set includes pre-printed paint by number canvas, 3 different size professional brushes, and 24 high-quality acrylic color paints. You will be happy with the finished result and will be able to use it as a home decoration.

Get this paint by number set on Amazon.

3. Animal paper clips for your favorite sketchbook

Amazon’s Choice

Your creativity will wake up the moment you cast your eyes over these clips. The set includes 60 pieces, each of which looks simply incredible with its minimalist and striking design. You’ll be happy to use these clips not only to decorate your sketchbook but also for more practical purposes in everyday life, like sorting documents.

Make sure to buy these colorful paper clips on Amazon.

4. Great-looking molds for handmade soaps, cakes, chocolate, and way more

Great Rating

The 12 different patterns of these molds make them a great option to buy. They are made from 100% food-grade silicone that is eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are also soft, waterproof, easy to release, colorfast, easy to clean, and durable, so you will be happy to create your own soap or something else with them.

Make sure to get this set of 2 molds on Amazon.

5. A cake decorating kit with scraper for clean-up after dough prep

Amazon’s Choice for “Cake kit” category

This kit has everything you could possibly need for cake decoration. The 24 icing tips will help you create unusual and unique designs, as each one looks eye-catching. The turntable has an anti-slip bottom and is made from premium-quality material. You’ll be amazed at the way the rest of this set is arranged too — it will help you in any situation.

Don’t forget to buy this cake decoration kit on Amazon.

6. A LEGO set for creating a beautiful bonsai tree

Amazon’s Choice

LEGO is always a great way to take your mind off things for a long time and create something truly amazing, and this set is no exception. It contains 2 sets of leaves that can be custom arranged, creating an eye-catching, pretty, and unique display piece to adore in any home or office. It uses several elements made from plant-based plastic.

Don’t forget to get this 878-piece LEGO set on Amazon.

7. A simple guide to help you start your journey in calligraphy

Best Seller

You will be learning the art of calligraphy and hand lettering with this workbook, filled with multiple lettering styles to write uppercase and lowercase letters. The 120 sheets will help you learn calligraphy in plenty of time and build up your hand with confidence. The beautiful design of this notebook is also a nice addition that makes its purchase even more worthwhile.

Buy this guide for beginners on Amazon now.

8. An inspirational sketchbook with 642 random drawing prompts

Our Choice with more than 3,000 happy customers

Every artist has faced a lack of inspiration at least once, and this sketchbook is a great buy for these occasions. With a collection of thought-provoking prompts, this drawing ideas book will push you to think outside the box. There are no instructions, so your creativity will blossom to its full potential.

Get this inspirational sketchbook on Amazon now.

9. A sketchbook to create your own comic book

Best Seller

In an age when comics are so popular, many of us would like to create our own superhero story, and this sketchbook can help with that. The large format of 21.6 cm x 28 cm and 102 pages will help you to create your epic story. There is enough space for hours and hours of creative fun for all ages, so you will be happy with this buy.

Make sure to buy this amazing sketchbook on Amazon now.

10. Christmas balls to create your own magic design

Great Buy

The New Year is approaching, so it’s almost time to start decorating your home and Christmas tree. You can stuff these balls with anything from colored paper to bits of shiny fabric, so they’ll be fun to use and stimulate your creative imagination. These plastic Christmas balls are made of high-quality plastic, they are lightweight, and they’re not easy to deform, so it’s not only great for your creativity but also really practical.

Make sure to get these lightweight balls on Amazon now.

11. A Frida Kahlo vase as a constant reminder of the importance of creativity

Amazon’s Choice

Sometimes each of us needs a reminder that imagination and creation are essential in this world, so it’s great to have this vase in your home. With its small size, it is suitable for succulents or dried flowers and will decorate your workspace or creative studio. Buy this vase and rejoice as it spreads the energy and atmosphere of creativity all around you.

Don’t forget to buy this great-looking vase on Amazon now.

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