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11 Products That Can Make Your Next TV Binge Even Better

From time to time, we’ve all been glued to the screen, watching episode after episode of a show, forgetting about our surroundings and responsibilities. This phenomenon is called binge-watching, and more and more people indulge in it. In addition to having a relaxing effect on us, it is necessary to know that it can also have negative consequences, such as poor nutrition, isolation, and lack of movement. That’s why it’s important to keep this activity under control. To better prepare for your favorite series and binge-watching sessions, we’ve found several products to help you be as comfortable as possible.

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1. Enjoy binging your beloved TV series with the help of this lumbar support pillow.

👍13,986 global ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When you put a regular pillow under your back, it moves around easily. With this lumbar support pillow, that won’t happen anymore, and you’ll be able to binge-watch your favorite shows in complete comfort.

  • Customize comfort with an accessible foam insert.
  • Shredded memory foam offers many of the same benefits as its solid alternative, but it’s lighter, more breathable, and still molds to your comfort.
  • The exterior zippered velour cover has a practical carrying handle.
  • The cover is easy to remove and machine washable.

Buy the support cushion on Amazon now.

2. This TV sound system will help you hear every word and sound your favorite characters make.

👍13,057 global ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

With the help of this TV sound system, you will no longer have to turn up the volume to understand what your favorite characters are saying.

  • It has a dialogue mode to highlight every word and detail.
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • The speaker measures 2.6 in x 21.6 in x 3.4 in (6.6 cm x 55 cm x 8.6 cm).
  • You will also get a universal remote controller to adjust your TV bass module, Bluetooth devices, and more.

Buy the TV sound system on Amazon now.

3. With this cup and snack holder, you’ll be able to watch whatever you want without worrying about making a mess around you.

👍460 global ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

While enjoying your preferred programs, this cup and snack holder will help you not make a mess.

  • This holder fits cups of any size and shape.
  • It keeps your drink warm or cold.
  • The holder is made of a breathable sponge and soft velvet.
  • The soft, quick-release cushion is easy to clean.
  • The holder has a zipper and can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a delicate cycle in cold water and then air-dried.

Buy the couch cup holder on Amazon now.

4. Snuggle up comfortably while binging your dearest TV shows with this soul-soft blanket.

👍1,040 global ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

There’s nothing better than getting comfortable and snuggling up while watching a movie or sitcom.

  • This blanket is super soft. It’s made from thick, brushed faux fur velvet on the top and is silky smooth on its back.
  • Its size is 65 inches x 50 inches (165 cm x 127 cm).
  • The blanket is easy to clean. Wash it in the machine on cold with a gentle detergent and tumble dry it on low.
  • It does not shed.
  • You will get a 10-year guarantee with your purchase.

Buy the throw blanket on Amazon now.

5. Always keep your feet (and your cat) warm while watching your beloved shows with this electric foot warmer.

👍129 global ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

With this electric foot heater, your feet will always be warm while watching your favorite sitcom, although you may have to share it with your cat now and then.

  • It has an integrated rapid heating system that ensures quick heating in the first 8-10 minutes, and then you can choose heating levels between 1-3.
  • After 90 minutes, the heater will turn itself off automatically.
  • It has a digital control switch that allows you to choose between 4 switches: 86F°-104F° (30C°-40C°), 104F°-113F° (40C°-45C°), 113F°-122F° (45C°-50C°), or an OFF switch.
  • The foot warmer comes with a spare washable interior to make sure you always have a spare while the other is being washed.
  • The foot heater is made of fleece.

Buy the Electric Foot Warmer on Amazon now

6. Enjoy snacking on popcorn made with the help of this retro machine while binging your favorite series or movies.

👍275 global ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

With this retro popcorn maker, you’ll feel like you are in the theatre while binging your most-loved series or films.

  • The machine uses hot air circulation and makes popcorn without fat.
  • It measures approximately 7 in x 8 in x 11 in (18 cm x 20 cm x 29 cm).
  • The popcorn machine has a 1200-watt motor that will make tasty popcorn within a few minutes.

Buy the retro popcorn maker on Amazon now.

7. Bring the magic of the big screen into your home with this mini WiFi projector.

👍500 global ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Your binging will be much more exciting if you transfer your favorite heroes to the big screen. This mini WiFi projector will help you with that.

  • Its performance stats: 1080p native resolution, 8000:1 contrast, 9000 lux, 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, 24-bit true-color support, and a 230-inch screen.
  • The projector is designed with the latest WIFI connection compatible with Android/iPhone/Windows 10. It only takes 2 steps to get a WiFi connection.
  • Its built-in speaker ensures original audio fidelity and reduces noise.
  • It has diffused light technology to protect your eyes.

8. Pull on this wearable blanket, get comfortable, and watch as many shows as you’d like.

👍36,470 global ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

With this wearable blanket, you’ll experience top-level comfort while binging programs without thinking about whether your blanket will slip or slide.

  • It’s made of microfiber and sherpa.
  • The blanket is machine washable.
  • It comes in one size.

Buy the wearable blanket on Amazon now.

9. Keep your snacks and drinks close at hand with this sofa arm tray.

👍339 global ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Place this tray on the arm of your couch and enjoy nibbling and drinking while binging without fear of spills.

  • It is made from environmentally sustainable and high-quality bamboo.
  • The tray has a flexible design and easily adapts to any armrest.
  • It has non-slip fleece and studs that provide stability and protect the surface of the sofa.

Buy the sofa arm tray on Amazon now.

10. If you want to be undisturbed while watching a series or movie, this doormat will send a clear message to anyone who knocks on your door.

👍 1,771 global ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Anyone who sees this doormat with the inscription, ’’go away’’ will know that you are not receiving guests, and you’ll be able to enjoy watching shows in peace.

  • It is made from sustainable, environmentally friendly natural coconut fibers.
  • The strong, thin fibers remove dirt from shoes.
  • It is resistant to all weather conditions.

Buy the “Go Away” doormat on Amazon now.

11. Keep your drink on this couch coaster without the fear of spills.

👍6,316 global ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Keep drinks close at hand and prevent bumps, spills, and stains on your couch with this drink holder designed for the sofa.

  • It’s designed to wrap around any armrest at least 5.5 inches (14 cm) wide with straight to slightly sloped sides.
  • The holder can hold a wide variety of cups, mugs, bottles, and glasses up to 3.5 inches wide (9 cm), including a clever slot for cup handles, while the included adapter creates a snug fit for bottles and cans up to 2.75 inches wide (7 cm).
  • It is made of a flexible, weighted silicone body with an adhesive base.

Buy the drink holder for your sofa on Amazon now.

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