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12 Accessories From Amazon to Organize Your Cables and Clean Up Your Desk

In today’s world, technology is all around us, especially in our own homes. And although its use makes life much easier, the many cables and wires are rarely pleasing to the eye and have a tendency to become tangled.

5-Minute Crafts created a list of items from Amazon that will help you manage cables like a pro.

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1. Alex Tech cord protector

Popular Pick

Not only will this wire protector keep your pets from chewing on the wires, but it will also keep them from getting tangled up. It provides a tight wrap and closes by itself, it’s easy to install, and it doesn’t require any special tools.

2. Avantree 20-pack reusable cord holder

Amazon’s Choice

These colored cable ties allow you to organize your space in the best way possible. The set includes various sizes, suitable for both thin and thick wires. Made from durable fabric material, these cable ties will last you a long time.

3. Stilemo under desk cable management

Best Seller

This cable tray is made from thick steel and can support up to 11 lb (5 kg) of weight, making it a great buy for those who have a lot of equipment on their desks. It also comes with 10 reusable ties and 6 cable clips that can be attached to any surface.

4. Blulu 100-piece cable clips

Great Buy

These clips have adhesive tape on the back to help you attach them to any surface. The set includes 100 pieces, each made from waterproof material, allowing them to be used outside the home as well. Simple installation requires no special tools and will save you time.

5. Shinfly cable management sleeve

Amazon’s Choice

This set not only includes 2 sleeves that are 5 feet long (1.5 meters), but also 20 zip ties, 5 cable clips, and 1 wire guide clip. All these useful accessories will help you to organize all your wires, however thick they may be. One sleeve holds up to 6 wires, so rest assured that this kit will help you tie together all the wires that you have.

6. D-Line cable tidy box

Amazon’s Choice

The cable box will free up a lot of space, and it also looks stylish. You can choose a larger or smaller box depending on how many wires you need to fit in it. Available in white or black, it will match your interior design.

7. Bememo 20-piece cable straps

Great Rating

These wire ties are made of leather and look really expensive and stylish. They are available in 2 different sizes and 5 colors. You can use them to organize your USB cables, headphones, and wires at home and in the office.

8. 60-piece cable clips

Best Seller

These clips are very easy to install using adhesive tape. There are 60 pieces in the set, which should fit most wires with a maximum diameter of 70 mm. Please note that you must wait 24 hours before inserting the wire into the clip to ensure better adhesion to the surface of the table or wall.

9. HCFGS cable organizer bag

Amazon’s Choice

This organizer bag will help you keep all the cables and other electronic accessories you need in one place. It’s easy to carry, looks stylish, and has plenty of compartments. It is made from durable waterproof material and will keep your cables safe.

10. SOULWIT cable holder clips

Amazon’s Choice

3 different-sized holders are included to help you keep the wires separated from each other securely and to prevent them from becoming tangled. They are made of non-toxic silicone and are suitable for cables under 6 mm. They are held on the surface thanks to a strong adhesive backing.

11. Baskiss cable management box

Great Rating

This box is designed to keep all the necessary wires and extension cords tidy and dust-free. It will help you free up space on the floor and keep curious children and pets away from the wires. The stylish, minimalist design will fit into any interior.

12. Zerkar magnet organizing ties

Popular Pick

This set has 20 magnetic ties that will tidy up all the wires in your home. Thanks to the magnets, they are easy to use and securely bind together the necessary wires. They look really bright and cute and can be used for other purposes as well.

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