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12 Amazon Deals on School Supplies to Get You Prepared for Summer School

While shopping for your school clothes and other essentials, sometimes you can be forgetful about shopping for basic school supplies. But don’t worry, 5-Minute Crafts has got your back with a list of some unique but useful school supplies for your classes and study sessions.

1. This magnetic dry erase board easily cleans all dry markers and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Buy this whiteboard here.

2. These easy-to-use dry-wipe markers bear a very fine tip that makes them very convenient to use. You can also use them on a fridge, weekly planner, flip chart, meal planner, dry wipe boards, wall calendar, and a lot more.

Buy these markers here.

3. These suspension files with tabs and inserts can help you organize your school records in a color-coded arrangement.

Buy these files here.

4. These adorable Sports Day participation stickers will boost participants’ morale even more.

Buy these stickers here.

5. If you’re a fan of glitter, these glitter pens will make your art more fun. Every pen comes with a unique color and is convenient to use.

Buy these glitter pens here.

6. Keep your organizing tidier with these colorful paper clips. They come in 2 sizes to meet your individual needs.

Buy these paper clips here.

7. But if you wish to keep your documents in one folder instead of separate files, then this folder is an ideal choice. It comes with 5 pockets with tabs where you can put different types of documents.

Buy this folder here.

8. Keep your desk tidy by organizing your stationery in this rainbow pencil holder. It bears 6 compartments where you can drop in your desktop essentials and keep your work area neat.

Buy this pencil holder here.

9. If you’re tired of sharpening your pencils the old way, give this electric pencil sharpener a try. It comes with 2 holes of different sizes and a high-quality steel blade.

Buy this sharpener here.

10. If you’ve always wanted to give calligraphy a try, take this as a sign to learn it and buy this set of calligraphy pens to begin with.

Buy this set of calligraphy pens here.

11. This super-convenient sketchbook is bound to evoke the artist in you. The pages are stiff in a way that you don’t need a drawing board while sketching your masterpiece.

Buy this sketchbook here.

12. If you’re looking for a pencil case to kill your boredom and look cute at the same time, this strawberry pop-up pencil case is the best bet.

Buy this pencil case here.

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