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12 Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon That Will Upgrade Your Bedroom

12 Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon That Will Upgrade Your Bedroom

Upgrading your bedroom can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to be aware of the impact it has on the environment. You can positively contribute to Earth by preferring products made from natural or recycled materials, or those that require less waste in their production.

5-Minute Crafts has got you covered with a complete list of items for your bedroom that are less harmful to the environment.

1. Rest your head on this hypoallergenic recycled pillow that offers superior comfort and support. It’s filled with sustainable fibers which are made from 100% recycled materials. Plus, this brand supports the Marine Conservation Society.

2. Place this gorgeous LED lamp on your bedside table, which can change colors automatically. This is a rechargeable USB light that delivers a long working life and offers an energy-saving feature.

3. Use this natural silk pillowcase that is made from Mulberry silk, which is an organic fiber with a relatively low carbon footprint and is highly biodegradable.

4. Decorate your bedroom with one of these air-purifying plants. These are excellent at removing toxins from the air around your room and transforming them into clean oxygen.

5. Light one of these natural scented candles to relax and unwind, which contain zero additives. Also, the label is made from recycled kraft paper and the jar can be reused later.

6. Get yourself this interesting water-powered clock that doesn’t require any electricity, since power is generated by chemical reactions of the water. Plus, it doesn’t contain any heavy metals and is harmless to the environment.

7. Repel moths and insects with these cedar rings, which can be safely placed in closets and wardrobes. They’re sustainably forested and the box is made from recycled paper.

8. Spray your pillow or bedroom with this vegan mist that contains organic lavender. Its eco-packaging features a glass bottle and a card tube, both of which are fully recyclable.

9. Set this smart speaker with a clock in your bedroom. This device was made to reduce its carbon footprint year after year, which is certified by Carbon Trust.

10. Sleep on this comfy 100% foam-free mattress that is made from sustainable fibers. This involved less contamination in its fabrication, reducing both water usage and CO2 emissions.

11. Install these soft bamboo bed sheets, which are hypoallergenic and come in different colors. Plus, this 300 thread count fitted sheet is made of 100% bamboo rayon.

12. Get comfy with this lightweight and breathable throw that doesn’t contain harmful substances. Also, it was manufactured using processes with a reduced environmental impact.

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