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12 Items on Amazon That Will Help You Prepare for a Perfect Beach Trip This Summer

Beach season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning all of the equipment and accessories you’ll be bringing with you, like toys and games for the whole family or other products that will make your time at the beach more pleasant and comfortable. 5-Minute Crafts has created a list showcasing some of the items that will greatly improve your trip to the beach.

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1. Microfiber Towel

Buy the Eono Microfiber Towel here (available in 8 colors).

Great for Packing

Microfiber towels are much better than cotton ones, as their material makes them dry much faster, as well as absorb more water. These towels are also very compact, making packing much easier.

2. Beach toys

Buy the Balnore 20-piece Kids Beach Toys Kit here.

Great Family Fun

This kit comes with many sand molds in sea creature and sandcastle shapes. The variety that this kit offers allows you to change it up every time you go to the beach, keeping your kid happy.

3. Folding beach chair

Buy the KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair here (available in 4 colors).

Editor’s Choice

The design of this chair makes it perfect for any kind of terrain, but one of the best places to use it is at the beach. It’s also very convenient since it is easy to fold and store in its carrying bag.

4. Beach tent

Buy the Kratax Pop-Up Beach Tent here.

Great Waterproof Design

This tent opens up and folds back down in a matter of seconds, but its most remarkable features are in its protective design—it offers great protection against water, wind, and ultraviolet rays.

5. Toss and catch ball set

Buy the INPODAK Upgraded Toss and Catch Ball Set with Portable Bag here (available in 8 colors).

Great Family Fun

There are many ball games that you can play on the beach, but most of them turn out to be too much work eventually. The simplicity of this toy set mixes well with the relaxed atmosphere of the beach.

6. Sport sunglasses

Buy the Perfectmiaoxuan Sport Performance Sunglasses here (available in 14 colors).

Great Buy

These sunglasses come bundled with a strap, which can be attached so you won’t have to worry about keeping them stored somewhere. They also provide UV protection, which is critical at the beach.

7. Beach ball

Buy the Intex 24″ Beach Ball here.

Great Family Fun

Nothing screams classic more than a large inflatable beach ball. You can take it to the beach and keep your kid entertained and away from the sea with the many games that can be played with it.

8. Universal waterproof pouch

Buy the Zacro Universal Waterproof Pouch 2-pack here.

Great Waterproof Design

One of the challenges of going to the beach is enjoying your time while keeping your devices and documents dry. This pouch lets you carry your phone and other things safely while at the beach.

9. Parasol

Buy the Sekey 1.6m Beach Umbrella with Cover here (available in 10 colors).

Editor’s Choice

People tend to think that they don’t need a parasol themselves, but that always changes when they’re under the blistering sun for hours. This parasol also provides some much needed UV protection.

10. Large beach bag

Buy the KUAK Extra Large Beach Tote Bag here (available in 14 designs).

Great for Packing

If you’re bringing many things to the beach, you’ll need a bag to keep them in. This bag, that boasts a summery design, also comes bundled in with a waterproof phone case, a key chain, and a bottle opener.

11. Swimming goggles

Buy the BEEWAY Swimming Goggles here (available in 4 colors).

Great Buy

You never know how clean the ocean is, so it’s always a good idea to bring some extra protection. These goggles will let you properly see the ocean thanks to their anti-fog and no-leak design.

12. Picnic blanket

Buy the Scuddles Picnic Outdoor Blanket here.

Great Waterproof Design

Bringing a blanket to the beach is a good idea if you’re planning to eat or spend time with other people. This one comes with the benefit of having a waterproof layer that makes cleaning up easier.

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