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12 Kitchen Essentials That Are Both Functional and Stylish

Everyone loves to create their own unique design for the rooms in their home, and the kitchen is no exception. There is no doubt that you want every item in there to be both functional and pleasing to the eye.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of essentials from Amazon that combine these qualities and that will give your kitchen a cozy and truly unique style, without forgetting to do their basic job well.

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1. Fruit bowl that is the perfect size, about 38×26 cm

Great Buy

This bowl is great as a centerpiece or a focal point for the countertop. The open design allows the fruit to breathe and prolongs its freshness. This modern contraption, made from stainless steel, is easy to clean by just wiping it down with a cloth or a damp sponge. Don’t miss this item — it looks incredibly futuristic and will blow your mind with its combination of practicality and stunning looks.

Buy this Bowl on Amazon.

2. Wall shelf that offers abundant space for storage

High-quality Product

This kitchen counter shelf will also be a stunning addition to your kitchen. You can use it to organize plates, mugs, towels, spice jars, and other kitchen utensils. You can also place paper towels on it by removing the hooks. It is designed in a retro style with wood that has a torched finish and black matte steel framing. It comes with a wood bar and 8 sturdy hooks.

Get this Wall shelf on Amazon.

3. Wall clock with a spoon or fork beside each number

Amazon’s Choice for “Kitchen wall clock” category

These clocks, which fit in perfectly with the kitchen theme and look incredible in any of the many colors available, are sure to find a place on your wall too. Not only will it tell you what time it is at any given moment, but it will also bring a bit of playfulness and fun to your kitchen design. Battery-operated and 32 cm in diameter, it will delight anyone who has long wanted to freshen up their kitchen with a memorable decor item.

Make sure to buy this Clock on Amazon.

4. Wall sticker that won’t let you forget the kitchen rules

Amazing Price

With a size of 57×28 cm, this black sticker is a noticeable decorative element and will catch the eye of everyone who crosses your kitchen threshold. Made from high-quality PVC, it is waterproof and completely safe. In the future, if you want to remove it from your wall, it’s easy to do without any problems or damage to the walls. This wall decor can be applied to any smooth, clean, and dry surface — like walls, tiles, glass, and furniture. It is not suitable for a dirty or rough surface.

Make sure to get this Sticker on Amazon.

5. Drink coasters that have absorbent ceramic on the top and soft cork on the bottom

Popular Pick with more than 2,000 happy customers

This set includes a well-designed iron holder for organizing the drinks coasters. It is stain-resistant, scratch-proof, and won’t get rusty, so it will be incredibly convenient to use. The aesthetic design makes these coasters not only a practical choice but also a wonderful decoration for your kitchen. They are capable of absorbing liquid that has been spilled on them almost immediately.

Don’t forget to buy these Coasters on Amazon.

6. Decorative tray that’s designed with a blue marbling pattern on inner bottom surface and a chic gold top edge

Our Choice

The set of coasters described above will be perfectly complemented by this tray, which looks aesthetically pleasing thanks to its fabulous design. Made of high-quality polypropylene, it’s strong, easy to carry, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. This tray is ideal for everyday use, yet is capable of decorating your kitchen like nothing else and will delight the eye for a long time.

Don’t forget to get this Tray on Amazon.

7. Cutting boards that can be hung horizontally or vertically

Amazon’s Choice for the “Kitchen wall art” category

This set will give your kitchen an incredibly delicate look thanks to the materials the boards are made of and the pastel colors. You can hang them either randomly or side by side, and their practicality makes them an even more attractive purchase. Each sign has a pre-installed hanging hook on the back and can be hung individually.

Buy these Boards on Amazon now.

8. Kitchen jars that are designed for flour, sugar, coffee, and tea storage

More than 600 customers rated this item with 4.8 out of 5 stars

This rustic canister set will complete your kitchen with its farm-like design. The silicone seal in the lid preserves freshness, keeping food safe and dry. Please note that they are not suitable for the dishwasher and should only be cleaned by hand. The subtle coloring blends in with any decor and is pleasing to the eye. Buy these jars and enjoy a farmhouse atmosphere in your kitchen.

Get these Jars on Amazon now.

9. An owl holder that fits most kitchen styles, including modern and traditional

Popular Pick

This adorable-looking holder holds the most important kitchen utensils, from a whisk to a knife. It’s made from thick, high-quality ceramic engineered to resist chipping and fading and it will last you a long time. It combines functionality with a truly touching design that will delight you every time you decide to cook something. With a size of 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm x 10.2 cm, it will fit anywhere you need it to.

Make sure to buy this Holder on Amazon now.

10. Tea bag holder that is made from high-quality plastic

Our Choice

Even the simplest things can breathe life into ordinary kitchen decor and this item proves it like no other. Dishwasher safe, this teabag holder is a truly delicate, yet high-quality object. With a size of 19.1 cm x 8.9 cm x 8.9 cm it holds a whole stack of tea bags, so you’ll enjoy using it with pleasure and convenience. Its cute design will make you happy, delight children, and catch the eye of your guests.

Make sure to get this Holder on Amazon now.

11. Paper towel holder that is made of metal and plastic

Amazon’s Choice with almost 4000 happy customers

This item is perhaps the cutest on our list because of its unique design, which will fit in with the aesthetic of any kitchen thanks to its neutral black color. Made from high-quality materials, it performs its function reliably and keeps the roll from unraveling. With a height of 34 cm, it can hold paper towels of varying sizes. The molded figure provides leverage and resistance for an easy tear.

Don’t forget to buy this Holder on Amazon now.

12. Napkin holder that brings a retro nautical vibe

Great Rating

This product is made with high-quality, rust-free iron, and it is designed to last for a long time. The size of 15 cm x 15 cm x 2 cm makes it ideal for storing your napkins and allows it to be placed anywhere you like. It will brighten up any kitchen and make a great buy not only for you but also as a wonderful gift for everyone in your family.

Don’t forget to get this Holder on Amazon now.

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