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12 Music Festival Essentials From Amazon That You Should Definitely Add to Your Packing List

Music festivals are amazing because they’re an opportunity to see your favorite bands live, as well as discover new artists that might be outside your radar. Also, you can witness other forms of arts, such as dance and comedy.

5-Minute Crafts has selected a list of music festival must-haves that you need to pack so that you can enjoy this experience comfortably.

1. Portable handheld fan

Buy the handheld fan on Amazon now

Super Kawaii

Feel fresh while you watch your favorite bands with this durable handheld fan with kawaii cat ears, which can also be used folded down. You can fully charge it via USB for 2-3 hours of use.

2. Holographic reflective backpack

Get the holographic backpack on Amazon now

Editor’s Choice

Keep all of your essentials in this unique iridescent backpack that has a nice multicolor effect when exposed to light. This will probably make it easier to find you if your friends lose track of you at a gig.

3. Ultra-compact power bank

Purchase the power bank on Amazon now

Stylish and Shiny Design

Make sure your phone battery never dies with this tiny and elegant power bank. Besides eliminating the need for a cord, this product is so compact that it is similar to a tube of lipstick.

4. Mini pocket blanket

Buy the pocket blanket on Amazon now

Mini Package

Get some rest in between live acts with this lightweight pocket blanket, which can be stored in its free red bag. It’s quick-drying, easy to clean, and its fabric can prevent moisture from below.

5. Chelsea rain boots

Get the rain boots on Amazon now

Waterproof Material

Protect your feet from mud and rain with these stylish Chelsea boots. These slip-on shoes can be worn for long hours with no problem because they’re made of a comfortable soft material.

6. Rinse-free body wipes

Purchase the body wipes on Amazon now

Paraben Free

Use these multi-purpose body wipes on different parts of your body, including your face, arms, and legs. These rinse-free towels contain aloe vera, so they will refresh your body while also moisturizing it.

7. Funky bucket hat

Buy the bucket hat on Amazon now

100% Cotton

Wear this unique bucket hat during the early live performances of the day. This hat will fit most adult head circumferences, and it’s reversible, so you can use its printed design or the plain black side.

8. Water bottle sleeve with a strap

Get the insulated canteen on Amazon now

Leakproof & Dust-proof

Stay hydrated with this water bottle, which has a sleeve with a shoulder strap so that you can always have water close to you. Also, it includes 2 pockets where you can store your card, keys, and more.

9. Glitter body and hair gel

Purchase the glitter gel on Amazon now

Most Versatile

Decorate your body with this gorgeous glitter gel that is self-adhesive, so it requires no additional glue. It takes about 15 minutes to dry completely and later you can take it off by just rinsing it with water.

10. Disposable rain poncho

Buy the rain poncho on Amazon now

Great Buy

Carry these foldable rain ponchos with you in case it suddenly starts to rain. They have a loose design to prevent the raincoat from sticking to you and they’re packed in a tiny plastic keychain ball.

11. Travel toothbrush set

Get the toothbrush set on Amazon now


Get yourself this mini-sized toothbrush that’ll fit in your pocket, which will be covered from dust in its small case. You can also connect the 2 ends so that you can hold this item comfortably.

12. Lightweight pop-up tent

Purchase the pop-up tent on Amazon now

Easy Installation

If you have to camp at a festival, then choose this pop-up tent that only takes a few minutes to set it up. This product will fit 3 to 4 people and it’ll keep you cool if it’s hot, or dry and comfy if it rains.

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