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12 Original Bird Feeders From Amazon to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Finding the perfect bird feeder can be difficult. The market today offers an unimaginable number of different options.

5-Minute Crafts has selected 12 products that you can use to attract birds to your garden.

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1. Gardman heavy-duty seed feeder

Amazon’s Choice

This feeder is made of aluminum and can be easily dismantled for cleaning. It holds about 600 grams of seed mix and is ideal for hanging up in the garden. It is best placed on the branches of trees or shrubs.

2. iBorn bird feeder

Amazon’s Choice

This metal bird feeder is a great buy for your garden. It holds 400g of seeds and allows several birds to feed at the same time. It’s made of high-quality materials and won’t get damaged easily. The stylish design makes this item a great decoration.

3. Sahara Sailor bird feeder

Great Rating

This feeder has 2 compartments: the first can hold small seeds and the second is for larger seeds. It also allows several birds to be fed at the same time. Thanks to its anti-corrosion treatment, the feeder is resistant to all kinds of weather.

4. Peckish bird seed feeder

Top Pick

This feeder is only suitable for small birds, so when you buy it, you can be sure that large birds will not disturb your peace of mind. Thanks to the metal hoop, the feeder can be placed either on tree branches or on special hooks.

5. iBorn feeders for small birds

Amazon’s Choice

One of these feeders is great for large seeds and the other should be filled with small seeds. Thanks to the different functions of these feeders, you will be able to attract several bird species to your garden at once.

6. Garden Mile bird feeder

Great Buy

If design is your main consideration when looking for a feeder, then this item is perfect for you! This feeder will not only help you feed the birds but will also be a great decoration for your garden and will attract a lot of attention from anyone who decides to stop by and visit you.

7. Garland hanging bird feeder

Popular Pick

This feeder boasts a low price, a simple design, and it’s easy to use. It is suitable for both large and small birds, as it can be filled not only with seeds but also with nuts. And because it’s made from plastic, it won’t be a hassle to use or take care of.

8. Jacobi Jayne squirrel-proof bird feeder

Amazon’s Choice

The main advantage of this item over other feeders is how well it is protected from squirrels. Thanks to a clever mechanism that allows only small birds to feed from it, squirrels will not disturb your garden.

9. Goldfinch Finder bird feeder

Great Buy

This feeder comes filled with quality Niger seeds which are ideal for attracting finches and other small birds to your garden. The feeder is made of durable UV-resistant plastic that will not crack or tarnish over time.

10. Peckish peanut bird feeder

Popular Pick

This feeder holds about 510g of peanuts and is good for small birds, but not for squirrels and large birds. The sturdy material protects against damage and the handy design makes it easy to clean the feeder and pour in fresh peanuts.

11. Peckish all weather metal bird feeder

Amazon’s Choice

The small feeding holes are designed so that the least amount of seed is lost. The steel from which the feeder is made allows the birds to feed at any time of year and in any weather. The green coating makes the feeder less visible in the foliage of the trees.

12. Wildlife World swing seat bird feeder

Great Rating

Another find for those who love decorating their space with things that have a charming design. This feeder will not only attract a variety of birds to your garden but will also add a unique style. Made from natural materials, this feeder will impress everyone.

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