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12 Photo Frames and Albums on Amazon That’ll Make You Want to Print All Your Pictures

Photos have a wonderful way of taking us back in time and reminding us of the most important stories of our lives. That’s why it’s important that your memories are not only kept securely but also with beauty.

5-Minute Crafts created a list of frames and albums from Amazon that will do both of those things.

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1. Kenro travel photo album

Amazon’s Choice

Each page of this album contains two 4×6 photographs, each of which has a line beside it for you to leave a caption. The eye-catching vintage design makes it a great buy and will give you lots of precious moments. It holds 200 photos, so you can preserve memories of many of your journeys at once.

2. PETAFLOP wooden frame set

Amazon’s Choice

A set of frames made from wood is a great buy for anyone who likes a simple, classic design. Designed for 4×6 photos, they will help you create your own little gallery. These frames don’t draw attention to themselves due to their simplicity and won’t distract from your photos.

3. Ywlake 600 pockets photo album

Great Rating

This green leather scrapbook will not only serve as an impressive repository of your memories but also a stylish addition to your home’s interior. Place it on one of your shelves and your guests will be asking to see the photos themselves in no time.

4. Umbra picture frame and wall decor set

Popular Pick

The set includes 3 frames on chains, which will not only display your best photos but also decorate the walls of your home. 2 frames are suitable for 4×6 photos, and the third one for 4×4. You can hang them according to your own taste by combining photos in the most fitting way.

5. ARPAN cute dog photo album

Amazon’s Choice

This album with an adorable design is perfect for keeping your children’s photos safe. However, it is also of high quality, as it is made from sturdy cardboard. This album holds 200 4×6 photos, 2 per page, so you’re sure to hold memories of several years at once.

6. EXYGLO 2-pack photo frames

The special thing about these frames is the fact that they can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs. They are easy to use and have a lock that you can unscrew to insert your photos. The frames are made of wood and are lightweight.

7. Vienrose leather photo album

Great Buy

The pockets of this album allow you to fit 3 photos per page. It is designed to hold 300 photos and is made from high-quality leather. Place your 2 most precious photos on the cover and admire them at any time.

8. Boxalls acrylic photo frame

Top Pick

This frame is made of acrylic and is transparent, so you can be sure that all the attention will be on your photos. It can also be mounted both horizontally and vertically, making it very practical. The acrylic blocks are held together by 4 magnets.

9. ARPAN photo album

Amazon’s Choice

This album is made from sturdy cardboard and will last you for years to come. The pages contain special note boxes so that your memories are not just saved in the photographs. Its 200 transparent plastic pockets hold 4×6 photos.

10. Afuly triple photo frame

Great Rating

This simple yet stylish-looking frame consists of 3 blocks and will hold several of your photos at once. You can fit a 5×7 photo in the center and 4×6 potots on the sides. The high-quality glass will protect your photos and won’t scratch easily.

11. Benjia 1000 pockets photo album

Top Pick

This album has 200 pages and holds 1,000 photos, so it’s suitable for those who like to cherish every moment of their lives. Huge and weighing around 4 lb (1.9 kg), it is a must-have for a big family. You can put your favorite photos right on the cover, making it even more special.

12. ARPAN 12-part wooden picture frame

Amazon’s Choice

This photo frame holds 12 pictures and is perfect for decorating your wall with your favorite ones. The sturdy construction will protect your memories from dust and unwanted damage. The simple and elegant frame will fit into any design.

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