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14 Environmentally-Friendly Options for Everyday Items From Amazon

When it comes to eco-friendly and eco-friendlier products, they can seem expensive. However, you can find a wide variety of items on Amazon that will not only help you remain an environmentally-conscious consumer but also save you money.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled a list of high-quality products that are sure to come in handy and will be a great help in your contribution to preserving nature.

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1. MHS EcoFriendly reusable freezer bags

Amazon’s Choice

These reusable freezer bags are made from high-quality materials and will replace over 500 single-use bags! The set comes in 2 different sizes and is not only suitable for storing frozen food, but also for office supplies, cosmetics, or jewelry.

2. Eco-friendly pens

Great Rating

The set contains 24 eco-pens, all of which are recyclable and perfectly compostable. The stems are made from stainless steel, so there’s not an ounce of plastic in these pens! The box will be wrapped in environmentally friendly material on delivery, which is an important and enjoyable detail.

3. KOJU kraft paper packing tape

Amazon’s Choice

This sticky tape is a great find for anyone with an eco-conscious mind. Made entirely from paper, it is easily recyclable, and even the adhesive used on the back is made from biodegradable natural rubber. The thickness of the tape will allow you to find the edge easily at any time.

4. Cocowhoa recycled drink coasters

Great Buy

The 4 coasters in the set contain glass, silicone, plastic, and cork and are 100% recycled. They are scratch and slip-resistant, look stylish, and fit under any cup or glass due to their universal size.

5. BioGo reusable coffee cup

Amazon’s Choice

This cup is not only practical and helps you carry your favorite drink with you anytime, anywhere, but it’s also good for the environment. By using it, you stop the production of over 4,000 disposable cups!

6. Reusable silicone straws

Amazon’s Choice

Purchasing these reusable silicone straws will be an excellent first step for the environmentally-conscious person. They are easy to use, and a special cleaning brush is also included with them. The variety of colors and the high quality of the materials make this item a must-have.

7. Breeder Celect recycled cat litter

Popular Pick

Made from 99% recycled paper, this filler is as good as its traditional counterparts. It is highly absorbent and contains no harmful chemicals or additives. With a capacity of 30 liters, it is long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.

8. Temple Spring recycled shower poufs

Amazon’s Choice

Your bathroom cannot do without eco-friendliness either. These sponges are made of dense recycled material and can be recycled repeatedly. Not only are they harmless to nature, but they do an excellent job of being very soft and creating plenty of foam.

9. GREENZLA reusable cotton pads

Amazon’s Choice

These pads are made from organic cotton and soft natural bamboo, making them as comfortable as possible for your skin. They’re great for removing make-up and will last you a long time. A cotton washing bag and storage container are also included.

10. Simple biodegradable makeup remover wipes

Best Seller

These biodegradable wipes will not only effectively remove even the brightest make-up, but will also benefit the environment. The set contains 6 packs of 20 wipes each. They are made from 100% plant-based fibers that decompose in just 42 days, so each pack saves 4 plastic bags.

11. SWKJ bamboo cotton ear buds

Amazon’s Choice

The set comes in 2 packs of 100, which means it will last for a long time. These cotton buds are completely environmentally-friendly as they are made of natural bamboo and organic cotton. They are also recyclable and biodegradable.

12. Log-Barn eco wood firelighters

Best Seller

Each box contains 200 natural firelighters, and you only need one at a time to start a fire. They are made of wood wool and wax and burn for up to 10 minutes. They can light both kindling and coal and are ideal for both a picnic bonfire and a home barbeque.

13. GREENER WALKER kitchen bags

Amazon’s Choice

The 120 compostable bags are stacked in a recyclable box, making this item completely eco-friendly. The bags are made from corn starch, vegetable oils, and fully-compostable polymers that meet European standards.

14. Glengor eco dish sponges

Amazon’s Choice

These sponges are made from a mixture of cellulose and vegetable fibers and are a great alternative to plastic-based dish sponges. They are also completely biodegradable and will not scratch your dishes. The breathable material will ensure quick drying and no unpleasant odors.

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