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14 Products That Will Make You Stop Dreading Laundry Day

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a tedious and dreadful chore. All you need are a few things to make that day easier. For this reason, 5-Minute Crafts has created a list of products that will make you stop dreading laundry day.

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1. ecoKiwi Tumble Dryer Balls

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Climate Pledge Friendly

These tumble dryer balls are made from the finest New Zealand wool. The balls are hypoallergenic, and safe for babies and for sensitive skin. They shorten the drying time by as much as 25%. These wool dryer balls can withstand up to 1000 washes. Use 2-3 balls for smaller loads and 4-6 for larger ones.

2. Gymspin Laundry Detergent Capsules

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Laundry detergent capsules remove bacteria and lingering sweat odors. They are effective for shorter cycles and washing at lower temperatures (up to 30 degrees or cold washing). These capsules are made from 100% recyclable material and have a child lock seal.

3. DOKEHOM Collapsible Laundry Bag

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Amazon’s Choice

This collapsible laundry bag is made of waterproof material and has aluminum handles for carrying. The bag has a large capacity of 90L (3043 fl. oz). It is not suitable to wash it in the washing machine.

4. Display4top Electric Mini Portable Washer

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Best Seller

The portable washer and dryer have a wash capacity of 7.7 lbs (3.49 kg) and a spin capacity of 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg). It uses less water and detergent, which makes it eco-friendly. This washer is ideal for small loads and delicate items, like underwear, socks, t-shirts, towels, etc.

5. Ecozone Delicate Laundry Liquid

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For sensitive skin

Ecozone delicate laundry liquid is non-toxic and fragrance-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It is suitable for silk, wool, delicates, and baby clothes. This laundry liquid maintains the softness of delicate fabrics and protects their color.

6. Ecover Non Bio Laundry Detergent

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Amazon’s Choice

Ecover non-bio laundry detergent protects against tough stains and prevents whites from greying. It is made from plant-based and biodegradable ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin. This product is cruelty-free. The bottle is made of plant-based plastic and can be recycled.

7. Innotic Clothes Drying Rack

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Adjustable, movable, and multifunctional

The clothes drying rack has ample space for drying clothes: 4 layers of 6 retractable layers and 2 side wings. 3 layers can be folded to save space. 4 wheels allow it to move quickly, even when the clothes are hanging on the rack. Each layer can support up to 5 kg, and each side wing can support up to 3 kg.

8. SaltyLama Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips

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100% vegan and eco-friendly

These eco-friendly laundry strips effectively remove dirt and odors. The strips are 100% vegan, hypoallergenic, paraben or phosphate-free, and free of chlorine bleach and added colors, making them gentle on any skin type. They are suitable for all washing machines and for washing with hot or cold water. The strips leave zero waste.

9. Delicates Laundry Bag

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Auto-locking zipper

This underwear bag has an auto-lock zipper which can prevent the bag from opening in the washing machine. Laundry bags are made of honeycomb mesh. In the set, you get 2 delicate laundry bags: large 16×20 inches (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm), medium 12×16 inches (30.48 cm x 40.64 cm).

10. HomRush Retractable Washing Lines

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Easy to install

Wall-mounted dual clotheslines are easy to unroll, and the automatic retracting system provides a self-retracting option when not in use. It has a total length of 26 m (85.30 ft) of cable with double lines, each 13 m (42.65 ft) long. Wall-mounted dual clotheslines are easy to install, and all installation hardware is included, along with installation instructions.

11. Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

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Washing machine hair free

This machine pet hair remover dissolves pet hair during the wash, leaving your pet’s bedding and washing machine hair free and sparkling clean. Use 2 bags if you are washing for the first time or if you are washing large amounts of laundry that are full of pet hair. Vamoosh’s formula only works with a hot wash cycle (85°C-95°C/ 185°F-203°F).

12. SONGMICS Rolling Laundry Sorter Basket

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Amazon’s Choice

Sort your laundry by color or material before washing with this basket with 4 separate 35 L (1,184 fl. oz) laundry bags. These 4 fabric bags can be removed individually. They are easy to transport thanks to the practical handles, so you don’t have to carry the whole laundry basket to the washing machine. Also, you can roll the laundry trolley to the laundry room with the help of 4 swivel wheels.

13. Laundry Detergent Drip Catcher

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Catch the spill

Prevent a mess with this universal laundry soap drip collector when dispensing detergent. Made from one solid piece of plastic, it requires no assembly. All you need to do is slide the drip tray under the detergent or fabric softener container. The set contains 2 soap catchers for washing clothes.

14. Joymaney Pet Laundry Bag

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Amazon’s Choice

The pet laundry bag is great at preventing pet hair from clogging the washing machine filter and carrying it over to the next wash. The bag has a zipper that can be locked to prevent opening in the middle of the wash cycle. Its measures 80 cm x 70 cm (31.5 in x 27.6 in) and dries quickly. It is ideal if you have dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, or rabbits.

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