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15 Essential Items on Amazon for College Goers

Attending college can be extremely fun since you get to learn about topics you’re passionate about. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be prepared for this experience by purchasing the appropriate products for taking notes and studying while on campus.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled a list of essential items that were found to be extremely useful for college students, ranging from stationery items to electronic devices.

1. Charge 3 devices simultaneously with this wireless power bank, which also offers hi-speed USB via USB-A or USB-C. It includes a charging cable and a useful travel bag.

2. Take class notes in these colorful A5 notebooks. They come with lined pages and can be completely laid flat for better use of both pages.

3. Organize your ideas with these cute sticky notes that have strong self-adhesive properties, so they can be used on different surfaces. This kit also includes some see-through index labels for highlighting keywords in texts.

4. Grab this practical tablet on the go, which can be used for reading books or note-taking thanks to the incorporated pen. Its light and compact design make it perfect for life on campus.

5. Track your daily tasks and schedule all your deadlines on this gorgeous wall calendar. It includes monthly overview pages and note-taking sections for staying organized.

6. Listen to music with these noise-canceling headphones while you study in crowded places or in the library. These long-lasting Bluetooth headphones deliver up to 35 hours of playback and are designed for all-day comfort.

7. Place all the essential items that you need in bed in this bedside organizer bag that is a must for dorm life. The roomy pockets of this item can hold books, tablets, and headphones.

8. Put the spotlight on important words with these highlighters in pastel colors, which don’t leave any shadow on the next page. Plus, their short and wide body can fit nicely into your pockets.

9. Make your own delicious coffee with this mini starter kit to keep your energy levels up. This coffee machine is extremely easy to clean because the coffee grounds stay in the pods.

10. Walk around campus with this stainless-steel mug that can keep your drinks insulated for longer. Plus, it comes with 2 unbreakable steel straws and a free cleaning brush.

11. Attend classes or go to the library with this water-resistant backpack, which includes a USB charging port. Additionally, this product features a lock to keep all your belongings safe.

12. Use this clamp desk lamp during those late-night study sessions. You’ll be able to switch between 2 levels of brightness settings and 3 kinds of color temperatures.

13. Have a great night’s sleep with this comfortable sleep mask, which stimulates the pineal gland to release melatonin (a key promoter of deep sleep). This set also includes a pair of sound-canceling reusable earplugs.

14. Be prepared for any health emergencies with this premium first aid kit. This set includes 220 essential items, like Band-Aids, antiseptic towels, eye pads, and much more.

15. Write reports and surf the internet on this awesome laptop, which is very lightweight, so it can be easily carried around. Also, it delivers all-day battery life (up to 18 hours).

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