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6 Top Baby Monitors That Parents Can Order on Amazon

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A baby monitor comes in handy if you want to keep an eye on your little one from a distance. This device will let you know if everything is ok with your baby, if they are sleeping well, or whether they’re crying and need your attention. 5-Minute Crafts chose 6 awesome baby monitors you can get from Amazon.

1. Hello Baby Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Amazon’s Choice

This device transmits stable video without interruptions up to 1,000 feet. It also has a 2x digital zoom-in function, which allows you to see your baby more precisely. Equipped with 100% encryption to protect your and your baby’s privacy and ensure security.

2. Nooie Baby Monitor with Night Vision

#1 Best Seller

This camera supports 1080P Full HD live streaming and helps to monitor your baby from anywhere in real-time by using your mobile device (it also works with Alexa). Equipped with a high-quality IR LED lens to let you see everything clearly in the dark without disturbance.

3. Lullaby Bay Baby Monitor with Anti-Hack Encryption

Editor’s Choice

This device offers high-resolution digital video streaming, room temperature display, and encrypted 2.4 GHz RF safe technology with frequency-hopping to prevent hacks. It also has an 18-month warranty.

4. Baby Monitor with 2-Way Talk

Top Pick

This monitor is compatible and compact allowing you to carry its digital screen with you. It can play 8 built-in lullabies and offers a 2-way communication function so you can say soothing words to your baby.

5. Nooie Baby Monitor, Compatible with Alexa

Amazon’s Choice

This monitor is equipped with 360° motion tracking to automatically sense and track your baby’s movements. It has a 101° field of view and rotates 355° horizontally and 94° vertically. The camera works with Alexa and is easy to set up.

6. Baby Camera Monitor with Enhanced Night Vision

Popular Pick

This device is equipped with enhanced night vision and records in 1080P Full HD quality, perfect for clearly monitoring the delicate movements of your little one. The built-in infrared sensor supports clear recording and streaming even in the dark.

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