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7 Genius Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

If you live in a small place, you might have quite a few cluttered rooms or face some storage space problems. However, you can use several tricks and products to create the illusion of having more room, such as strategically placed mirrors.

5-Minute Crafts is offering up some great tips for making a room look bigger, along with some product recommendations that will create this effect.

1. A stylish glass side table that can help create the illusion of a larger space

  • Scenario: If you live in a tiny place, you should consider buying see-through furniture because it will make a small room feel more open. Try using a glass coffee table or a clear acrylic desk.
  • Solution: Opt for a practical side table made of tempered glass and stainless steel, as it will be pretty easy to clean. Also, its double sturdy shelves will provide plenty of room for cups and books.

Happy buyer’s review: “It’s smart, well packaged, easy to assemble, and perfect for those evening drinks/snacks. Looks great in our modernized living room and the height is just perfect. The offset support leg is just ideal for allowing the table to overlap the extended sofa leg rest! Great purchase!!” — Paul Ling

Buy the glass side table on Amazon now.

2. An asymmetrical mirror that you can use to add openness to a room

  • Scenario: If your living room feels too crowded, mirrors are a simple way to make a room look bigger. They cast an illusion by reflecting light, tricking your eyes into seeing more space.
  • Solution: Use a gorgeous asymmetrical mirror with a timeless design and smooth finishing. It’s quite easy to assemble, so in just a few steps you’ll be ready to put up this mirror on your wall.

Happy buyer’s review: “I have been looking for a teardrop mirror for ages and couldn’t find anything under $150. Discovered this listing thanks to a TikToker and I’m so glad I did. Hardware was included, which I found super helpful.” — Theo

Buy the asymmetrical mirror on Amazon now.

3. A wall-mounted table that can be used as a multipurpose piece of furniture

  • Scenario: You should avoid cluttering your home with more furniture than you need. Multipurpose furniture is ideal for this because it’s one of the best ways to maximize space.
  • Solution: A wall-mounted table is a great space-saver because it can be used as a laptop desk when expanded or a cabinet when folded. It’s made of melamine decorative laminate.

Happy buyer’s review: “I just moved into a new flat where space is tight. This kind of storage unit is exactly what I need: flexible and multiple uses. I put it on my wall next to the bed where I put my makeup stuff and close it after use. It uses almost no space, so I’m very pleased with it.” — emily

Buy the wall-mounted table on Amazon now.

4. A set of colorful velvet cushion covers that can add an interesting touch to a minimalist room

  • Scenario: Keep your home cozy with sumptuous textures that won’t take up space visually. For example, you can use sheepskin rugs or velvet cushions that will instantly warm up a room.
  • Solution: A set of velvet cushion covers with beautiful tassels are available in different sizes and 20 colors. They’re machine washable, so you can easily make them look brand new.

Happy buyer’s review: “I highly recommend these cushion covers for any room in your home. Excellent value for the money, the quality is so luxurious and soft. They exceeded my expectations.” — Lauren

Buy the velvet cushion covers on Amazon now.

5. A genius floating bookshelf that will integrate seamlessly into any space

  • Scenario: Sometimes we forget that furniture doesn’t always have to be placed on the ground. By installing wall-mounted floating shelves, you can free up some valuable floor space.
  • Solution: A floating bookshelf can be hidden behind a stack of books, giving the illusion that they’re floating in mid-air. It’s pretty sturdy because it’s made of powder-coated steel.

Happy buyer’s review: “I live in a small flat so need to maximize space. These shelves are perfect for making good use of wall space and creating a good look in any room. Great quality and excellent value for the money. Highly recommended.” — Milijowarmers

Buy the floating bookshelf on Amazon now.

6. An industrial pendant light that can make a small space feel less dark and gloomy

  • Scenario: If you have a small dining room, it’s a good idea to go for low-hanging statement pendant lighting above the dining table. This will draw attention and fill the space at the same time.
  • Solution: A vintage industrial pendant light with an iron paint ceiling plate, besides being energy-efficient, has a hanging wire that can be adjusted freely.

Happy buyer’s review: “Fantastic addition to my dining room and looks far more expensive than it actually costs. Absolutely love this light fixture. Looks fantastic above my dining room table.” — Dee56

Buy the industrial pendant light on Amazon now.

7. A colorful abstract painting to make a statement in a tiny living room

  • Scenario: You can hang dramatic artwork as a focal point, which is a great way to divide and frame your apartment into separate areas. Large and vibrant pieces will achieve this effect.
  • Solution: A bold and colorful abstract painting with long-lasting durability is ideal. You can find them in 3 sizes, so you’ll definitely find a piece that accommodates your space’s needs.

Happy buyer’s review: “Stunning! I had a large wall in dark grey that needed color. This picture looks absolutely stunning. Couldn’t be happier.” — Mad Shopper

Buy the colorful abstract painting on Amazon now.

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