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7 Simple Tips for People Who Absolutely Dislike Cooking

Many people dislike cooking because, even though we need to eat every day, it can be a messy, stressful, and time-consuming activity. The good news is that you can make it more pleasant by making some small changes, like organizing your time and cooking with friends.

5-Minute Crafts will give you some practical tips so that you can enjoy cooking more, along with some discounted product recommendations.

1. Invest in versatile tools that will let you experiment with different food items, like these high-quality steel trays.

  • Scenario: People who dislike cooking often complain that their tools don’t really do the job. So you should consider upgrading your utensils and essentials, especially those that are multi-purpose.
  • Solution: set of high-quality steel trays, which can be used for baking, making meatballs, and roasting veggies. Also, they’re a breeze to clean because food won’t stick to their smooth surfaces.

Happy buyer’s review: “These are a good size and have a sturdy construction. I’ve even used them to roast potatoes, which turn out lovely and crispy. Great purchase, very happy.” — SGiob

Buy the high-quality steel trays on Amazon now

2. Plan your meals with this weekly meal planner so you don’t have to think about what you’ll have for dinner every single day.

  • Scenario: If you dread thinking about what you’ll make for dinner, you can plan your meals. It’s a good idea to block some time in your day to schedule what you’ll eat for an entire week.
  • Solution: Get yourself a weekly meal planner with a grocery list section, which will save you tons of time and effort. You’ll be able to easily mount this product on your fridge because it’s magnetic.

Happy buyer’s review: “I’ve been creating a manual meal planner / shopping list for years now. I thought, there’s got to be another way, and then I found this. It has saved me hours per week!” — Kelly M

Get the weekly meal planner on Amazon now

3. Prep your ingredients in advance with this veggie chopper, which will make this task way quicker.

  • Scenario: Instead of cooking everything at once, prepare some things beforehand so that they’re ready to go when you need them. For example, you can chop your veggies right after buying them.
  • Solution: veggie chopper that will reduce preparation time by half. It includes 4 interchangeable blades so that you can julienne, chop, and slice vegetables with total ease.

Happy buyer’s review: “I can’t believe I’ve lived on this Earth this long without this amazing product!! I’ve been making fresh salsa and it takes me a fraction of the time. I’ve only just started using this but I’m obsessed. This is brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.” — ryanelizabeth

Purchase the veggie chopper on Amazon now

4. Use a slow cooker if you’re craving a delicious homemade meal minus the hassle.

  • Scenario: If you have a reduced amount of time to cook, you can always use appliances like slow cookers and pressure cookers. These require minimal cooking and will make your life easier.
  • Solution:slow cooker with a removable pot and glass that will be useful for cooking homemade meals, minus the hassle. It’s perfect for making stews, casseroles, soups, and pot roasts.

Happy buyer’s review: “Time and energy efficient cooking! Very good quality product. You just layer your favorite meat and vegetables, add some stock dissolved in hot water, and switch it on! After a few hours on a gloomy and cold day, there is nothing better than the meal you just made!” — B. Stajic

Buy the slow cooker on Amazon now

5. Clean as you go using this drying rack to save some time in between cooking duties.

  • Scenario: Some people think that the worst part of cooking is cleaning. In order to make this chore more bearable, you can rinse your dishes as soon as you’re done using them.
  • Solution: An over-the-sink dish rack that will be useful for storing dishes while you wait for your roasted veggies to be ready. Plus, this 2-tier product will save you space on your countertop.

Happy buyer’s review: “It saves a lot of space. Honestly, I don’t know how I fit everything into my kitchen before this. It is very handy and easy to assemble. It was worth every penny I paid.” — Amazon Customer

Get the drying rack on Amazon now

6. Find inspiration on TikTok with simple recipes, which can be the perfect opportunity to use this meat chopper.

  • Scenario: Scrolling through TikTok can be an excellent way to find the inspiration to try out new recipes. These short videos will probably spark your culinary creativity and curiosity.
  • Solution: meat chopper that you can use for cooking this delicious cheese pasta recipe from a short TikTok clip. It will be easier to break up ground meat with its non-slip ergonomic handle.

Happy buyer’s review: “This is going to save me so much time and effort. I cook a lot of minced meat, tried it once so far, and it was great. Also easy to clean.” — Fiona

Purchase the meat chopper on Amazon now

7. Grab this pizza stone so that you can have fun cooking with friends on a Friday night.

  • Scenario: You can make cooking a more fun activity by inviting some friends over to make a meal. Making pizza together is a great option because you’ll probably enjoy choosing different toppings.
  • Solution:pizza stone that will make you feel like a professional chef. It comes with a peel and a cutter, so you’ll have all the tools you need to have a fantastic cooking session with your friends.

Happy buyer’s review: “Definitely the best pizza stone I’ve used so far! The result of the pizza is excellent, much better than the other stones I have used in the past. Same goes for the aluminum peel that, unlike the others I tried that were made of wood, allows you to take the pizza more easily. Highly recommended purchase!” — Daniele

Buy the pizza stone on Amazon now

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