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7 Truly Exciting Makeup Trends to Try This Fall

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you’ll definitely be excited about experimenting with cosmetics this fall. Apart from trying traditionally autumny colors, like burgundy, you can try out the best fall 2022 makeup trends. These include winged eyeliners, natural skin, thick brows, and more.

1. A precise eyeliner pen that is easy to apply and will last all day and night

  • Makeup trend: Winged eyeliner is having a massive comeback in fall 2022, and this makeup style was quite prevalent on fashion runways this season. This includes not only the classic bold cat eye, but also cut creases and even multiple lines.
  • Get the look: An intense eyeliner pen with a matte finish that won’t peel or crack. This product features a precise but flexible brush that will allow you to experiment with different shapes and geometric lines. Also, it’s long-lasting, so you can confidently wear it from morning to night events.

Happy buyer’s review: “Seriously beautiful. Easy to use, perfect shade of black, and stays on! The whole long lasting thing usually means it goes crusty or nasty after a few hours. This does not. Treat yourself and buy this.” — SecretHair

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2. A bronzing balm that is universally flattering and has a matte, lightweight formula

  • Makeup trend: If you want to go for a natural look, you should try underpainting. This is an application technique in which you use cream products, like bronzer and blush, under your foundation so that these products blend more seamlessly. Cream formulas will help achieve a dewier finish.
  • Get the look: A buildable bronzing balm with a cream formula, so you’ll be able to create the perfect tanned tone for you. It’s very easy to use: carefully tap a brush in the pot and place it along your cheekbones, jawline, and temples. Then, blend in small circles to avoid any harsh lines.

Happy buyer’s review: “This bronzer is amazing. It is pretty pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It is a very pretty color. I am super pale, but I am able to get away with using this.” — Rachel

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3. A lightweight foundation with sheer coverage and a refreshing feel

  • Makeup trend: Natural-looking skin is a trend that invites you to embrace your complexion. While you can go a bit heavier with the eyes and lips, it’s time to opt for skin tints and sheer formulas. This means it’s recommended to avoid matte, full-coverage foundations and thick concealers.
  • Get the look:lightweight foundation that combines a makeup product and a moisturizer. Its hyaluronic acid concentration will lock in moisture, while its hint of tint will even out your skin tone in an extremely natural way. This product is perfect for dry skin and an uneven complexion.

Happy buyer’s review: “Goes on easy and adapts to your skin tone. You never look too made up, just very natural.” — daisyellen

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4. A double-ended eyebrow pencil that will help you create the perfect thick eyebrows

  • Makeup trend: Perfectly groomed brows were fashionable for a while but, thankfully, low-maintenance brows are back in trend. This means that fuller, effortless brows are in style this fall. You can use a brow pencil if your eyebrows are on the thin side to get an even fuller look.
  • Get the look:double-ended eyebrow pencil to create a defined brow look. First, you should use the waterproof pencil to shape and fill in any sparse areas. Then, use the ink stain’s brush tip to draw hair-like strokes for a natural effect, which will also add depth and dimension.

Happy buyer’s review: “I really like this product. It goes on smoothly and was perfect for me. I love that it has 2 different types of applicators. The crayon and the marker brush help me make my brows look natural.” — Abook

Purchase the double-ended eyebrow pencil on Amazon now

5. A peachy blush that will add some warmth and color to your complexion

  • Makeup trend: The burnt blush look is about finding the right color, rather than looking like you didn’t wear enough sunscreen. Thus, you apply blushes in brick, peachy, and terracotta shades to the apples of your cheeks, as well as across the bridge of your nose and under your eyes.
  • Get the look:peachy blush with a creamy and soft texture, which features a nice combo of powder and cream formula to deliver an incredible lit-from-within glow. Also, it’s infused with a moisturizing formula that features ultra-refined pearl and soft-focus pigments.

Happy buyer’s review: “Great color, easy to use, and good results! Love this product!” — Amazon Customer

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6. A high-shine lip color that is incredibly glossy and you can find it in several shades

  • Makeup trend: Vinyl lips are essentially lips that are so shiny, they practically act like a mirror. It’s a great trend because it’s versatile and you can adjust it to your personal preferences. For example, you can go for a soft, glossy tint or a bold, shiny red lip instead.
  • Get the look:high-shine lip color that is non-sticky and transfer-proof. It’s extremely pigmented and will last up to 16 hrs, but will feel comfy and lightweight while you wear it. First, you should apply the high-pigment base coat until it dries, and then add the ultra-glossy top coat.

Happy buyer’s review: “Fabulous product! It did everything it claimed it would. Color lasted all day, no drying to my lips, no cracking, & no smudging.” — MishMash

Purchase the high-shine lip color on Amazon now

7. Some self-adhesive rhinestone stickers to decorate your face that won’t fall off easily

  • Makeup trend: Embellishments of gemstones and pearls were a big part of the latest runways. Also, beauty brands have launched these appliques, which have made it easier for us to have access to these tools. So, it’s time to get creative with crystals this season.
  • Get the look: Some self-adhesive rhinestone stickers that are super easy to use since they can be used directly on the skin. You’ll get 8 sheets of transparent crystals in different sizes, which give off a nice glow in different forms under the light. Plus, this set includes a free pair of tweezers.

Happy buyer’s review: “Great product. Used to decorate a hat for the Harry styles concert. Great adhesion.” — Sian Rowan

Purchase the rhinestone stickers on Amazon now

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