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8 Must-Have Gadgets on Amazon That Promise an Easy Wake-Up Call

If you don’t like to wake up to the annoying sound of your old alarm, try one of the sunrise alarms! They ensure a no-stress awakening by gradually increasing their light and slowly waking you up. 5-Minute Crafts decided to help you in choosing one and selected 8 good models.

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1. Lepro Smart Bedside Table Lamp

Amazon’s Choice

This bedside table lamp can be controlled via a smartphone app to schedule the time, turn it on and off, or change the light’s color for the desired ambiance. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

2. Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Our Choice

This unique alarm clock can be used as a wireless charger. It is compatible with most of the Qi standard mobile phones. The phone case should be removed while charging.

3. Sunrise Wake Up Light

Best Seller

Ensure gentle wake-up every morning or easy falling asleep. This gadget will simulate sunrise or sunset and gradually increase or decrease its light over 10-60 minutes.

4. Sunrise Alarm Clock with Snooze Function

Our choice

This alarm clock allows you to set 2 different alarms, one for weekdays and the other for the weekend. If you want to snooze it, gently shale the clock. After 3 snoozes, it will turn off.

5. Simalac LED Display Bedside Alarm Clock

Great Buy

This item has a unique curved screen with large digits that are easy to see from different angles. It’s also equipped with a dual alarm clock so you can set 2 separate alarms. The 12/24 hour time format can be switched as well.

6. Homealexa Kids Light Alarm Clock with Cute Rabbit Design

Editor’s Choice

Bring a no-stress wake-up to your kids with this rabbit alarm clock. It has soft colorful lights and allows you to choose and set up cheerful ringtones. Available in white, green, and pink.

7. ZKIAH Digital Alarm Clock

Popular Pick

This alarm clock is wireless and has a built-in 2000mAh environmental USB-rechargeable battery, ensuring long-time working. Available in blue and green — it’s a great gift for any kid.

8. Forynd Upgraded Version Sunrise Wake Up Light

Amazon’s choice

This wake-up light has 10 adjustable levels of brightness and has an upgraded snooze function for extra 5 minutes of sleep. You can also use it as a radio, to search for stations and save them.

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