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15 Low-Budget Accessories That Will Make Your Wedding Day Remarkable

There are many options and styles to choose from when it comes to bridal hair accessories. From flowers to veils and jewelry, picking the right item can seem like a tricky task especially if you are on a budget. Fortunately, you can get these important details and not spend a lot of money.

5-Minute Crafts made this list of low-budget accessories on Amazon that will make your big day even more special.

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1. Crown-leaf tiara

Buy the Crown-leaf tiara here.

This golden tiara can add an overall charm to your look. You can wear it for a photoshoot or wedding banquet, but it can also be a perfect gift for your friend’s engagement party, graduation, birthday, etc.

2. Golden leaves hairband

Buy the Golden leaves hairband here.

This stylish design will make your wedding look special. The golden leaves hairband can be an amazing addition to your hairstyle. It has pearls and crystals with metal wires that can clip into your hair. You can also attach hairpins and ribbons to fit your size perfectly. One of the reviews rated the item with five stars and noted that is “gorgeous.”

3. Silver vine headdress

Buy the Silver vine headdress here.

The vine headpiece is light and versatile. You can combine it with your wedding look but it can also be perfect for the bridesmaids’ or flower girls’ style. Wear it with different hairstyles and let the pearls make your hair shinier and give elegance to the overall look.

4. Pearl and beads headwear

Buy the Pearl and beads headwear here.

It has a very adjustable size and has an elastic band that is suitable for most people. It will emphasize your hairstyle, it’s comfortable to wear, and it’s not easy to slip off. The pearls are smooth and can go with many different hairstyles.

5. Rose gold flower vine piece

Buy the Rose gold flower vine piece here.

This bendable flower-vine headpiece is available in rose gold, silver, and gold. You can combine it perfectly with your hairstyle and would also so a nice wedding gift.

6. Gold crystal hair clips

Buy the Gold crystal hair clips here.

The golden flower with crystal and metal leaves can give an elegant vibe to your bridal hairstyle. You can combine it with hair down, bridal up-do, or half up and down as they are very versatile and flexible.

7. Short wedding veil with pearls

Buy the Short wedding veil with pearls here.

For a more romantic look, you can choose the princess-style veil with embroidered pearls. It will look subtle and elegant while covering your head. The veil comes with a curved metal comb that will make sure the headpiece will stay fixed.

8. Flower lace wedding veil

Buy the Flower lace wedding veil here.

This ivory, elbow-length veil can go perfectly with your wedding gown and give you that dreamy look. The embroidered addition to the dress will complement the silhouette and a hair comb attached to it will make sure that the veil doesn’t fall off.

9. Bridal belt with rhinestones

Buy the Bridal belt with rhinestones here.

This can be a beautiful addition to your wedding dress and will complete your look for the special occasion. You can adjust the size with the fastening ribbon and since it is so versatile, you can both use it as a piece of jewelry for your dress or a headband. One customer even said: “Get it! You won’t regret it.”

10. Crystal sash for a wedding dress

Buy the Crystal sash for a wedding dress here.

If you are looking for a way to add more sparkles to your wedding dress, you can try the sashes. This sash belt has a beautiful diamond design and glows nicely under the sunshine and will make your dress even more elegant.

11. Chandelier zircon earrings

Buy the Chandelier zircon earrings here.

Complete your look with these blinking diamond-like earrings. In one of the reviews, it was written: “Item looks even better in real life than photos.” You can secure them with stud enclosures so you won’t have to worry about them falling off in the middle of the reception. They can be a perfect accessory, especially if you are going for an elegant and classy appearance.

12. Gemstone stud earrings

Buy the Gemstone stud earrings here.

If you like smaller and simpler jewelry, instead of big and chunky, then take a look at these heart-shaped stud earrings. They come in a variety of colors and are comfy to wear. Match them easily with your wedding gown so they can give you a small touch of sparkling luxury.

13. Fascinator hat with lace gloves

Buy the Fascinator hat with lace gloves here.

If you are a fan of royal weddings then probably these classy accessories will suit you on your big day. The fascinator hat can make you more charming and graceful and the lace floral patterns will emphasize your elegance.

14. Satin low-heel shoes

Buy the Satin low-heel shoes here.

The low-heel shoes could be a better solution for you than high heels or platforms since you will be probably standing, walking, and dancing a lot. Be sure to choose comfortable but also nice and beautiful footwear that will make your wedding look complete. You can go for these satin, open-toe shoes with pull-on closure.

15. Faux fur wedding shawl

Buy the Faux fur wedding shawl here.

This small but effective detail can bring your elegance and will go nicely with your wedding gown while keeping you warm at the same time. You can use pearl pins to fasten it. It doesn’t require any special storage conditions, but you can keep it in a dust-proof bag to reduce the washing. For a better fluffy look, brush the fur in the opposite direction.

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