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The 11 Best Electronics and Device Deals Available During Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day provides discounts on products that are quite expensive on ordinary days. So now is the time when everything you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford can be bought.

That’s why 5-Minute Crafts created a list of electronic devices that you shouldn’t wait to buy and that will last you a long time.

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1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone

Amazon’s Choice

This smartphone has 128 GB of memory storage capacity and comes with headphones, a charger, and a USB cable. With a technically advanced camera, this smartphone lets you take vivid, detailed photos or videos that you’ll look back on for a long time to come.

2. HONOR X7 smartphone

Amazon’s Choice

This smartphone boasts a 48MP rear 4-frame camera and a 5000mAh battery. It allows you to use the smartphone for 20 hours of video playback or 49 hours of phone calls.

3. Xiaomi POCO X4 Pro smartphone

Great Buy

The specs of this smartphone will appeal to even the most experienced users. For example, its display has a resolution of 2400×1800 and it offers an all-around experience. The automatic brightness adjustment is ideal for everyday use.

4. Apple Watch Series 7

Great Rating

This GPS-enabled model allows you to take calls and answer messages from your wrist. The glass of this watch is crack-resistant and dust-proof, and the entire construction is water-resistant.

5. HUAWEI GT 2Pro smartwatch

Top Pick

This smartwatch is great for exercise, as it allows you to determine your blood oxygen levels as well as track data for a wide variety of workouts. The stylish, expensive-looking design is another important advantage of this item.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch

Great Rating

A special sensor on this watch measures your blood pressure in real-time. The watch is also able to detect and analyze your sleep stages, blood oxygen levels, and even snoring patterns.

7. Sony wireless headphones

Great Buy

These headphones are capable of giving you natural surround sound and full noise cancellation depending on your needs. Crystal clear sound will keep you happy for a long time, and the simple design will appeal to those who love a sleek aesthetic.

8. HUAWEI wireless Bluetooth earphones

Amazon’s Choice

The design of these headphones allows them to fit snugly on the ear, and their lightness makes them comfortable to wear. The noise cancelling function balances out air pressure while still allowing you to hear the important sounds of the world around you.

9. Samsung Galaxy wireless headphones

Popular Pick

The long-lasting battery gives you up to 18 hours of use: 5 hours of continuous use, with an additional 13 hours if you use the charging case. The headphones are equipped with 3 microphones so that every call you make is crystal clear.

10. ORNANTO case, compatible with iPhone 12

Top Pick

Made from liquid silicone material, this case fits the iPhone 12. It protects against dust up to 95% better than conventional cases and has a durable 2-layer construction. In addition, a microfiber inner cushion prevents potential abrasions.

11. UNBREAKcable iPhone XR case

Top Pick

This case protects both the screen and the camera with a raised 0.6 mm front edge and a frame 1 mm above the camera. The high-quality material can reduce the impact of a fall, but also fits perfectly on the surface of your smartphone and effectively protects it from scratches.

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