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The 12 Best Amazon Drawing Supplies for Beginners

We’ve all tried our hand at drawing at least once in our lives. And it’s so nice to pick up a pencil or brush and try to draw something once in a while. An important part of the journey to improving our skills is the tools we use.

We’ve put together a list with some great kits for those who are taking small steps in drawing and want to continue to improve.

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1. This acrylic paint set is uniquely crafted to bring out maximum brilliance and color clarity.

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These versatile acrylic paints for artists are suitable for canvas, wood, glass, ceramic, paper, and more, so whatever your drawing skills may be, you’ll be comfortable using them. Formulated with a non-toxic composition, this set produces vivid, long-lasting colors that dry fast. It also includes 3 high-quality brushes of different sizes.

Buy this acrylic paint set on Amazon.

2. The watercolor paint set with a high-quality color powder and Arabic gum in its formula

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These watercolor paints are ideal for beginners because they perform great on gloss and transparent mediums, plus they boast solubility and fast drying. It is smooth and easy to apply, so you will have fun mixing colors. The incredibly beautiful hues in this set will help you create truly stunning, unforgettable paintings.

Get this watercolor paint set on Amazon.

3. This oil paint set includes 8 essential earth colors.

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If you are just starting out on your oil painting journey, it makes sense to think about buying a set that combines the colors you need most but is not too varied so that you can get used to the feel of painting more easily. These highly pigmented oil paints are carefully formulated by artists to blend effortlessly and thin out nicely, so a little goes a long way. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of this set, and you’ll have a lot of fun painting.

Make sure to buy this oil paint set on Amazon.

4. These paint brushes are perfect for watercolor, acrylic, enamel, oil, or gouache paints.

Great buy

The nylon hairs of these brushes stay soft and flexible after cleaning, and they don’t fall apart, so you will be happy to use them for a long time. Each brush has different functions and strokes, so you can achieve any desired effect in your drawings. They’re comfortable in the hand, and you’ll be happy painting with them, even if you’re just at the beginning of your journey to becoming an artist.

Make sure to get these really soft brushes on Amazon.

5. The paint brushes in this set will give you plenty of options thanks to many shapes and sizes.

Amazon’s Choice for the “gouache paints brushes” category

If you want a larger assortment of brushes, opt for this set of 12. You can use them for watercolor, acrylic, and even oil painting. The bristles hold a good amount of paint, and the easy-grip handles give you fine control. Not only do they keep their quality over time, but they also look incredible. You’ll find them really easy to use, as they’re simple to clean, and they let you make strokes with incredible softness.

Don’t forget to buy these easy-to-use brushes on Amazon.

6. These painting knives with sturdy wooden handles offer a long service life, are light, and are easy to grab.

High-quality option

Use these tools to mix colors or transfer them to the canvas. The ergonomically designed handles add increased comfort and grip to every application. After use, all you have to do is wipe off excess paint and use soap and warm water to clean it. Flexible stainless steel allows you to use this set however you’d like and apply paint at any angle you need.

Don’t forget to get these stainless steel knives on Amazon.

7. This easy drawing guide is perfect for beginners who want to quickly gain a sense of mastery in their drawing.

Great rating

With this guide, you will quickly learn how to draw portraits without any difficulty. It contains more than 75 easy-to-follow tutorials that will teach you how to draw many types of faces and figures in a variety of poses. Each diagram in this guide shows you how to draw the object one step at a time, so it will be really easy to follow it.

Buy this amazing beginner guide on Amazon now.

8. This massive art set includes 187 pieces.

Amazon’s Choice

This set makes a great gift for any child who loves to create and is trying to take their first steps toward success in drawing. The handy portable case contains a wide variety of colors in pencils, crayons, oil pastels, and more. The high-quality materials and ease of use are the main reasons why your child will want to return to this set over and over again.

Get this incredible handy set on Amazon now.

9. This pencil set meets all your needs with 28 art tools and one roll-up pencil case.

Amazon’s Choice for the “art supplies for beginners” category

This set comes with a leather roll-up pencil bag, which conveniently brings together all the drawing tools you need and protects the pencils’ lead from breaking. It’s perfect for writing, drawing, and sketching. The wooden honeycomb shape grip is comfortable to hold and perfect for anyone who is planning to draw a lot.

Make sure to buy this high-quality set on Amazon now.

10. This magnificent pencil set includes incredibly attractive metallic colors.

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When you get into a drawing routine, sometimes you want to add something unusual and particularly eye-catching, so this set would be a great choice just for that reason. These pencils will provide bright and shiny shading, so you can make the pages of your sketchbook incredibly beautiful. Not only is this a great purchase for a child, but also for an adult who hopes to add a little sparkle to their life.

Make sure to get this magical set on Amazon now.

11. With this pastel set that is highly pigmented, your drawings will be truly eye-catching.

Great price

These soft pastels create crisp, clean strokes and allow you to build, blend, and work with multilayer techniques. The set includes 24 colors, so you can meet all your painting needs. Whether you’re exploring the world of soft pastels or showing your work, it will help your inner artist. Don’t hesitate to buy them, as they are great for everyone who appreciates high-quality materials and ease of use.

Don’t forget to buy this 24-piece set on Amazon now.

12. This sketchbook weighs only 100 g and will be a great companion wherever you go.

Great buy

No novice or professional artist could do without a handy sketchbook, so this item will be perfect for anyone. It’s made of high-quality paper materials, and every page can withstand the test of time. Whether you are using pencils, markers, graphite, pastels, or pens, this sketchbook is perfectly compatible to help you achieve excellent results.

Don’t forget to get this spiral-bound sketchbook on Amazon now.

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