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The 12 Best Food Storage Containers That You Can Order on Amazon

Food storage containers are not only able to help keep your food fresh for longer periods of time, but they can also, for example, prevent bacterial growth and even minimize the chances of mold. Of course, to be so functional, the containers have to be high quality, so it pays to choose them carefully.

With our list of equally practical and functional options, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect one yourself. Each of these will not only preserve your food but will also offer a lot of benefits.

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1. 16-piece container set that allows you to organize your pantry like never before

Amazon’s Choice with more than 4,000 happy customers

The containers in this set come in a variety of shapes and are designed to meet all storage needs. The 4-hinged locking system prevents any leaks and ensures that your food stays intact for a long time. They will help you organize your food and save you plenty of space —they are a pleasure to use. You can use them not only in the kitchen cupboard and refrigerator, but also in the freezer and even in the microwave, and they are suitable for the dishwasher too.

Buy this Set on Amazon.

2. 14-piece container set that is best for dry food storage like cereal, pasta, flour, and rice

Our Choice with more than 31,000 happy customers

With their different shapes and volumes, these containers allow you to store food safely with their sturdy lids and they are perfect for dry food like cereal or pasta, as well as for liquid food like soups or sauces. Markers and labels are also included, so you don’t get confused about which container is for which purpose.

Get this Set on Amazon.

3. 10-piece container set, all parts of which are dishwasher safe

More than 1,600 customers rated this item with 4.8 out of 5 stars

This set not only looks like a premium product, but it is, thanks to its functionality and the high quality of the glass, silicone, and crystal from which the containers in it are made. The airtight lid is sure to keep the product safe, and the silicone sleeve prevents the chipping of the glass. Without the lid, these containers are microwave and oven safe, and you can also wash them in the dishwasher without removing the silicone sleeve.

Make sure to buy this Set on Amazon.

4. 10-piece container set that will help you to prepare a week’s worth of healthy, homemade meals

Great Rating

This set includes containers with a capacity of 1,040 and 370 ml, so you can store large meals as well as snacks. The silicone seal on the lids makes them more secure, as do the hinged locks. When you buy this item, you get a 1-year warranty and high-quality materials that will make sure your food is stored safely. You’ll love this set, won’t want to store your food any other way, and will forget about looking for alternatives.

Make sure to get this Set on Amazon.

5. 32-piece container set that is perfect for the storage of spices, candy, and dry food

High-quality Item

If you think food storage containers have to be big, this set will convince you otherwise. Salt, sugar, candy, tea, and other foods should always be on hand, but storing them in huge containers and pulling them off the shelf every time is not as convenient as having these babies on the table. Several of these can fit near your cooking space at once, which makes them easy to access. Minimalist and incredibly handy, they’re useful for everyone, and the labels that come with them help you to not confuse one with another.

Don’t forget to buy this Set on Amazon.

6. 10-piece container set that is ideal for portion-controlled diets, leftovers, salads, pasta, and healthy snacks

Popular Buy

Made from premium plastic, the containers in this set can withstand both hot and cold temperatures and can be used to store any product. You can use them in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without worrying that they will lose their quality and functionality. The raised lids provide extra capacity and prevent food from being squeezed in. You can use these containers at home, at work, or for an after-workout snack. Thanks to these containers, you will always be full and full of energy.

Don’t forget to get this Set on Amazon.

7. 9-piece container set that is made of high-borosilicate glass for easy heating and durability

More than 9,000 happy customers

The containers in this set can withstand temperatures ranging from −40°C to 400°C, so you don’t have to worry about them not keeping your food well in the freezer or failing in the oven. The containers are made from a high-quality material and contain no harmful substances, so they will not affect the taste or other properties of your food. Square, rectangular, and round, they are made in different sizes, so if necessary, you can put small ones inside a larger and save space when storing them.

Buy this Set on Amazon now.

8. 5-piece container set with the capacity of 850 ml

Amazon’s Choice for “Meal prep glass” category

These containers are convenient and ideal for anyone who appreciates the combination of easy use, stylish design, and high functionality. They are made from durable glass and non-toxic materials, and the smart lock keeps them from leaking. The handy size and shape make this item a must-have purchase. You’ll make a really nice gift for yourself by purchasing this set. It will last you for a long time, and you’ll enjoy every use.

Get this Set on Amazon now.

9. 5-piece container set that has a space-saving, nesting design

More than 4,000 customers rated this item with 4.8 out of stars

BPA-free, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, these containers will become your faithful assistant and come in handy for every occasion. The sealed lids with convenient locks that easily snap into place are practical and make this item one of the most convenient to use. Putting off the purchase of this set would be an unwise decision if you are looking for high quality and functionality.

Make sure to buy this Set on Amazon now.

10. 4-piece container set that is easy to clean, extremely user-friendly, and ready to use

Amazon’s Choice for “Clear food storage containers” category

The lids of these containers are made of impact-resistant and durable plastic so that your food is protected from all external influences. This set also includes a chalkboard marker and 10 reusable chalkboard labels that will provide an easy way to organize your pantry. You can store not only dry products but also soups and other liquid food in these containers.

Make sure to get this Set on Amazon now.

11. 4-piece container set that provides the best storage for your dry and liquid products

Top Option

These 4 robust round containers are designed and made in New Zealand and contain no phthalates or BPA. Each has a 300 ml capacity and a lid with easy locking clips and a flexible leak-proof seal. Use them wherever and whenever it’s convenient to keep food fresh, and don’t worry about the reliability of this item failing or its quality diminishing over time. Your idea of how convenient and high-quality food storage can be will be turned upside down thanks to this set.

Don’t forget to buy this Set on Amazon now.

12. 3-piece container set that is perfect for transporting meals to school or work

Amazing Price

The different sizes of these containers allow them to be used to store different products. The simple yet pretty design of the container itself and the secure lid will fit anywhere. They can withstand temperatures from −20°C to 110°C and won’t let you down, either in the freezer or in the microwave. The transparent plastic ensures you won’t confuse what’s in what container and makes it even easier to use.

Don’t forget to get this Set on Amazon now.

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