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We Tried Amazon’s Pro Shiatsu Foot Massager for You, and It Was a Delight

If you spend most of your day standing or walking, then you probably feel a lot of tension in your feet. You can also feel pain and general discomfort. Luckily, there is a way to relieve this stress.

5-Minute Crafts bought the RENPHO foot massager, tried it, and prepared this review for you.

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About the product

  • The RENPHO foot massager arrived on time in its proper packaging and wasn’t damaged, scratched, or defected at all.
  • When unpacked, it looked the same as in the pictures.
  • It came with a small charger that could be easily plugged into the device and is working without any problems.
  • In the foot chambers, there are 2 removable cloth pieces that can be washed after use.

Review: “I can now stand for a couple of hours and definitely think this machine has made a massive difference, I’m not in anywhere near as much pain.” Jmwatts

Distinctive features

The foot massager has a control panel with 5 buttons that work upon touch. With these buttons you can choose the following:

  • The duration of the massage — there are 2 options — the red that lasts for 15 minutes and the blue that lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Knead intensity — this button can be set to low, medium, or high intensity, which will control the massage on your feet.
  • Power — this turns the device on and off.
  • Air intensity — this also offers either low, medium, or high options that will change the air pressure in the clots.
  • Heat — choose a warm or cool massage based on your preference.

Review: “I’m not usually one for writing a review, but having used this for 3 evenings for an hour before bed, I can honestly say I’ve had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years, and it’s no coincidence, as this is the only variable those days.” EmmaN

How to use it

It is rather easy to operate the foot massager.

  1. Place the charger into the power outlet, connect it to the device, and turn it on.
  2. Choose the duration of the massage.
  3. Select the kneading intensity.
  4. Enjoy the massage.

Review: “Best foot massage I’ve ever had. Really eased the plantar pain and is just pure joy if you suffer from tension, swelling, tired feet, or circulation problems.” Charlotte F.


Buy the RENPHO foot massager here.

Editor’s Pick

  • The RENPHO foot massager came in secured packaging, which showed that it was handled cautiously. The information about the product that was provided on the Amazon website was accurate and precise.
  • The product has enough space and can fit feet up to a size 46 (EU men’s shoes), and all members of the family can use it.
  • It is very simple to operate. There were no malfunctions with any of the options, and it is very convenient and easy to set up the duration, intensity, and pressure.
  • The product is very useful and is likely suitable for everyone, especially those who spend a lot of time standing. My personal preference is to set the massage without the heat because the kneading already boosts up the circulation and warms up the feet. I also set the kneading intensity to the minimum because the massage rollers apply too strong pressure for my taste. Also, I set the air pressure to the maximum so that the feet can’t move a lot in the foot chambers and stay in the same spot.
  • After the massage, the feet have a light feel without any discomfort, but make sure you don’t overuse it. For my preference, 2 sessions of 30-minute massages are quite enough.

Conclusion: I would recommend this product, as it met my expectations. However, if you suffer from any injuries or conditions, please consult with your physician before using the foot massager.

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