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10 Smart New Products That Will Make Your Beach Day Enjoyable

Everyone looks forward to enjoying beach activities like frolicking in the sand or splashing in the water. And various accessories can help us have a great time by the sea, lake, or river. 5-Minute Crafts has selected 10 new products, both for fun and protection from the scorching sun, that will make your beach day memorable and safe.

1. Set of Hawaiian sunglasses and leis

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Top Release

The set comes with 4 pairs of novelty sunglasses and 4 colorful leis. And sunglasses feature curious designs with flamingos, flowers, cocktails, and palms. Furthermore, the leis are bright and lightweight but thick, which renders them immune to breaking. And above all, they tend to draw attention with ease.

2. 2 foldable chairs and a detachable table set

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Premium functionality

This set is ideal for 2 active people to enjoy the great outdoors. The chairs are lightweight and foldable, and you can adjust their height. Plus, their armrests are wide for added comfort. As for the table, you can attach it to the chair to use as a footrest. Finally, no assembly is required since the set is ready for use when you unfold it.

3. Waterproof and sand proof beach blanket for several people

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Best for large groups

This beach blanket measures 300 cm x 280 cm and is ideal for up to 7 beach-goers. And it is waterproof and sand proof, with quick-drying properties. Moreover, 4 corner pockets and anchor stakes, a bag, and a carabiner accompany the beach blanket. And you can carry it anywhere since the blanket measures 11.4 inches x 7.4 inches when folded.

4. Pop up tent for quick installation

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Beach-goers’ Choice

This waterproof tent is lightweight and easy to install. Moreover, you won’t feel hot because of the premium ventilation. Lastly, you can hang anything you wish on the hook located on the top inside.

5. Kids’ sand toy set

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Kids’ Choice

The children’s summer beach set is comprised of plastic shovels, buckets, and toys. The items are lightweight, weighing only 486 grams, and small in size. And the set is suitable for kids over 12 months. Finally, the items are thick and wear-resistant.

6. Soft carbon-textured beach ball for volleyball

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Colorful joy

This yellow-blue ball for beach volley features an extra soft feel thanks to the carbon textured PVC foam. Its softness makes it suitable for beach soccer too. The product is Fair Trade certified and comes with a poly bag. Lastly, its dimensions and weights match the FIVB standards.

7. Beach umbrella with a colorful canopy

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Top protection from sunburns

The colorful beach umbrella offers first-class protection against ultraviolet sun rays. It features 8 ribs, is easy to carry, and is stable. And the parasol’s dimensions are:

  • Height: 2 meters/6.56 feet
  • Folding length: 1 meter/3.28 feet
  • Down rod length: 1 meter/3.28 feet
  • Canopy diameter: 1.75 meters/5.74 feet

A carrying bag accompanies the umbrella, so you can take it wherever you go.

8. Inflatable swimming floats and loungers

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Top option for lounging in the water

You can inflate these floats with a simple household air pump. This versatile item allows you to make a comfortable hammock, pool lounger, pool raft, and other items for lounging by the beach. It’s tiny when deflated and, thus, easy to carry. Furthermore, the product boasts long durability, softness, and fast-drying properties. Finally, it’s made of environmentally-friendly PVC.

9. Giant float for 2 people

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Top product for lounging in the water

The CE-certified, air-powered giant float can accommodate 2 adults. Its orange color will surely draw glances when floating in the sea or elsewhere. Finally, its dimensions, when inflated, are approximately 1.78 meters/5.84 feet x 0.85 meters/2.79 feet.

10. Car boat for swimming with water equipment

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Pre-schooler’s Choice

Your kids will love pretending to be firefighters while having fun in this fire-truck-shaped boat. The float can accommodate a child between 3 and 7 years of age and is available in blue, rose, and red colors. Furthermore, the vessel has a water supply that its navigators can use to splash relatives and friends around them. Lastly, the boat, made of double-layer PVC, doesn’t have sharp edges or rough parts.

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