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12 Gadgets on Amazon for the True Modern Traveler

These days, travel gadgets go beyond neck pillows and earphones. These masterpieces help to keep our journey convenient, annoying travel problems at bay, and our stuff organized on the go as well. 5-Minute Crafts has compiled a list of helpful gadgets that will keep your travels safe, easy, and fun.

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1. If you’re traveling by car, this Bluetooth transmitter will make your travel smoother by being an MP3 Player, a car charger, a hands-free calling device, and much more.

Buy this Bluetooth transmitter here.

2. Keep yourself grooving and entertained all day with this portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that comes with 12W stereo sound.

Buy this Bluetooth speaker here.

3. Measure your luggage with this digital scale before you check your baggage at the airport.

Buy this digital scale here.

4. Keep your stuff organized in these pretty packing cubes.

Buy these packing cubes here.

5. If you’re looking for ergonomic comfort and great sleep while camping, this inflatable seat is an ideal buy.

Buy this inflatable seat here.

6. This multifunctional camera bag can hold cameras and other accessories, like a tripod too. It can also be used as a backpack and can store a laptop as well.

Buy this camera bag here.

7. Go unique and eco-friendly by using a solar power bank to charge your smartphones multiple times a day.

Buy this solar power bank here.

8. Wirelessly charge your Apple Watch on the go.

Buy this Apple Watch charger here.

9. Make the most of these high-power binoculars for bird watching, stargazing, traveling, hunting, and hiking. It also comes with a tripod phone adapter for photography purposes.

Buy these binoculars here.

10. This small power bank charges your phone pretty quickly and for days. If you don’t wish to carry bulky power banks, this tiny gadget is your best bet.

Buy this tiny power bank here.

11. This camping sleeping bag is self-inflatable — you just have to stomp your foot on its pump, and voila! It’s a single sleeping bag but you can connect another camping mattress to create double bedding.

Buy this camping sleeping bag here.

12. This 3-pack USB charger plug replacement is compatible with many mobile devices. So if you carry multiple devices running on varying platforms, this plug can be your best friend.

Buy this multipurpose plug here.

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