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How to Choose the Best Airplane Seats

Apart from standing in long lines for security checks and multiple check-ins, being assigned to the wrong seat or choosing a bad one can add more to the list of annoyances when traveling on a flight. So, to make the most of your in-flight experience, 5-Minute Crafts will help you choose the best seats in different parts of the aircraft.

Front row

Some noises are simply unavoidable in an airplane, like various dings, announcements, or crying babies. However, the seats in the front row are quieter than others. Also, if you have a connecting flight, or if you’re in a hurry, book the front-row exit so that you can get off earlier.

Bulkhead row

Bulkhead rows are the ones that are just behind a dividing wall or galley, and they have the most legroom compared to any other row on the aircraft. And for the same reason, many families prefer booking these seats too. Additionally, this row makes it a lot easier to get on or off with carry-on luggage. These seats are not only available in the middle row, but also in the front row, just after the front-side lavatory.

Bulkhead row seats are also a good choice if you don’t want to sleep in a cramped space.

Wing-side seats

If you’re a nervous flyer and would like to not be disturbed by any turbulence, get a seat over the wings.

Back row

If you’re traveling with an infant, back seats are the best choice because they’re located near the lavatory. And if you want an empty seat next to you, back row seats are ideal because most of the passengers opt for aisle and window seats in the front row. And the last seats to be selected are the middle seats in the back row. This means that they’re less preferable and there’s more of a chance that these middle seats will be left empty.

However, some families also like to be seated in the front because of the extra legroom that’s provided by the front bulkhead in addition to being able to handle carry-on luggage with ease.

Window seat

If you’re a big fan of views from up above or if you wish to lean to one side and take a nap, then window seats are the ones you should go for. The best combo here is to choose a window seat in a bulkhead row.

Middle seat

The middle seat is the least favorite among all the other seats. However, many airlines made the most of this disadvantage by making the middle seats wider than the window and aisle seats.

Aisle seat

Aisle seats have their own advantages to offer. They come in handy for passengers of larger sizes. Some airlines also offer the option of raising the seat’s armrest to create more space.

These seats are also particularly useful when you choose one with a front-row exit when you have a connecting flight ahead. This will help you to get off the plane faster if you’re in a hurry.

Ways to get a better seat

1. Book your tickets as early as possible.

The earlier you book your tickets, the more options you’ll have when choosing your seat. It’s recommended to book on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, as these days are less busy. If you’re a bit late, then check-in online as quickly as possible before your flight to choose a seat, or show up to the airport early if online check-in is not available.

2. Pay extra for your favorite seat.

If you want to enjoy the luxury of more legroom or aisle front-exit seats, you can consider purchasing the seat. Many airlines offer programs like this — just ask the airline staff to know more.

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