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How to Make a Treehouse From Plastic Wrap

To make a treehouse, you only need some plastic wrap. No duct tape, glue, or anything else. Thanks to this construction, you won’t have to sit on the ground anymore.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to make a good treehouse from regular, everyday plastic wrap.

1. Make the floor

Find at least 3 trees not far from each other that form a triangle. To make the floor:

  1. First, start by putting the wrap on one of the trees by wrapping it around the trunk a few times. The height should be comfortable for you to climb up on.
  2. Then, wrap it around all the trees and make several circles around them.
  3. After that, start forming the floor itself. Put the wrap on the top and the bottom of the lines you already made. First, do it on one corner, and then slowly move to the other ones. Make enough circles with the wrap to make the floor strong.

💡 The amount of wrap needed depends on how far apart the trees are. Also, make sure the construction will hold your weight.

2. Make the ceiling

The steps are pretty much the same as they were for the floor:

  1. Decide on the height of the ceiling. It should be comfortable for you to sit inside. Then, put the wrap around one of the trunks.
  2. Continue wrapping all the trees.

💡You can step on the floor now to check and see if it can hold you.

3. Make the walls

You will wrap the walls in the same way you wrapped the floor.

  1. Wrap the carcass of the ceiling and the floor near one of the trees. Then, do the same with the other corners.
  2. Once the corners are done, do the same in the center. Don’t forget to cut a hole for the entrance once everything is complete.
  3. Your treehouse is done!

💡Don’t forget to remove all the plastic wrap from the trees when you leave. Take care of the environment.

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