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How to Make the Most of Your Air Travel

How to Make the Most of Your Air Travel

Air travel surely takes you from one place to another in the shortest time possible. But clearing through long lines at security, flight delays, and multiple check-ins add more stress to the act of traveling itself. That’s why 5-Minute Crafts is highlighting a few tips on how to travel on flights like a pro.

1. Learn the difference between direct and non-stop flights.

When booking flights from one location to another, make sure to choose a non-stop flight instead of a direct flight if you’re looking for a shorter duration of travel. A non-stop flight will fly you to your destination without stopping. However, a direct flight means that you’re flying in the same plane or a flight with a number that doesn’t change, but it may make one or multiple stops. Direct flights are ideal when timing isn’t an issue for you.

2. Choose the ideal seat.

If you’re looking for peaceful seats with minimal noise, avoid the galleys and lavatories. The front seats are a good choice if you’re looking for some quiet. If you’re a fan of beautiful views, go for the window seats — you can also fall asleep easily by leaning on one side. If you want more legroom, then bulkhead or exit-row seats are the best. If you’re traveling with kids, you can choose a backseat as they’re closer to the lavatory.

3. Organize your carry-on baggage before you leave for the airport.

Doing this will save you from all the last-minute hassles and will also help you pack wisely. Make sure you keep important documents handy, like boarding passes, IDs, and other essential papers, and that you know where to find them when you get to the security line. Also, pack some essentials, like a book, some snacks, and your sleeping kit, before you leave for the airport.

4. Charge up your electronic devices before you leave for the airport.

You can carry a backup battery for your phone and other devices you’re carrying. There are also many portable chargers available online that can come in handy.

5. Take a picture of your luggage before giving it off to the airlines.

Before you check-in, take a picture of your luggage to show it to the airline staff in case if your luggage ever goes missing.

6. Take out any items that you’ll use in-flight before you board the plane.

Before you board the plane, make sure you take out all the things that you would need in-flight. This is because while you’re busy taking out stuff from your bag as other people are boarding the flight, it can only create more of a mess. You can either hold the items in your hand or put them in your purse or backpack and take it out later.

7. Explore the airport during layovers.

Rather than just sitting near the boarding gate, make the most of the layover time by stretching, walking around, and exploring the airport. There are a lot of ways to kill time at the airport during layovers, like by visiting indoor gardens, movie theaters, tiny shops, and more. Just make sure to keep an eye on your flight status on every monitor you pass by.

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