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How to Make Travel Easy

Traveling can be a very enriching and amazing experience. However, it can also be incredibly stressful at times. 5-Minute Crafts created a list of tips to help make your traveling much easier and stress-free.

1. Make small soaps.

1. Melt an entire bar of soap in a bowl.

2. Use a syringe to hold the melted soap.

3. Use an empty pill tablet and fill the holes with the melted soap.

4. Cut a piece of aluminum foil and add glue to the edges.

5. Glue it to the back of the pill tablet.

6. You can now wash your hands wherever you are — as long as you can find some water.

2. Separate toothpaste pieces.

1. Align some bits of toothpaste on parchment paper.

2. Add some baking soda on top of them.

3. Wait for the pieces to become solid and put them into a small container.

4. Put them in your mouth and you can brush your teeth with a toothbrush.

3. Use cotton pads as a fire starter.

1. Get some cotton pads.

2. Paint the middle with some nail polish.

3. Place them in a safe zone, like on top of some rocks, for example.

4. Light them on fire and you can easily start some big flames.

4. Make your own airport pillow.

1. Fold the bottom of your hoodie 2 times.

2. Then fold the sleeves 2 times.

3. Fold the bottom again.

4. Wrap everything with the hood.

5. Use this money-hiding technique.

1. Lift the bristle pad of your brush.

2. Put your bills inside and close it back up.

6. Create a temporary bathroom organizer.

1. Get some plastic bags of different sizes and make sure they can be closed.

2. Use some double-sided tape and put it at the top of each plastic bag.

3. Stick them to the bathroom wall.

4. Put your things inside.

7. Create a makeshift bedside table.

1. Fold the edge of your bed sheet the way it’s shown in the above example.

2. Put your items inside.

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