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How to Travel Alone for the First Time

Solo traveling can be one of the most endearing experiences you’ll ever have. You’ll be able to enjoy your own freedom, exploring places at your own pace, but you’ll also have to be responsible for yourself from the moment you start to plan to the moment you get back home. So, 5-Minute Crafts has put together a few dos and don’ts that could help you when traveling solo for the first time.

1. Plan your trip in advance instead of being spontaneous.

To have fun traveling solo, you will need a strategy. Spontaneous plans are only good when traveling with a group. But when traveling solo, the full responsibility falls on you to make things work.

2. Do your research to avoid hassles.

Research everything about the place you’re planning to visit. Acquaint yourself with the practices and etiquette that the place follows so that you don’t end up with problems later on. Always respect the place that you are visiting. Also, make sure you have an acquaintance who can help you in case of any emergencies. You may also want to prep yourself on essential local language skills if you want to ask something to the people around you about directions, basic things, etc.

3. Always pack light.

You may not want to manage multiple pieces of luggage when traveling solo, hence, a single suitcase is always the best option. If you’re planning to shop around a lot, then carry a backpack or pack things in an expandable suitcase. And when packing your bags, only carry the essentials and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need.

4. Don’t brag about your solo travel to every person you meet.

This is especially true for women. When you let everyone know you are on your own, it may increase your odds of being exposed to vulnerability and bad experiences. Hence, you may want to lie and say something like, “I’m meeting my friends later,” or “I’m having a little bit of me-time before I rejoin my party.” Flat out lying can save your life sometimes.

5. Don’t shy away from documenting your experience.

Selfie sticks always come in handy for solo travelers. But if you don’t have one and want a picture of yourself, refrain from asking strangers around to click your picture. The odds are that they may run away with your camera. Instead, look for people who are carrying a DSLR with them, they may be experienced photographers who are the least likely to rob you, and will capture a fantastic picture of you too.

6. Go beyond your comfort zone at times.

Once you’ve covered the major attractions, explore the nearby streets and shops during your day trips. This will allow you to learn more about their culture and straying a bit off path may also sharpen your solo traveling skills and enhance your experience as well.

7. Keep your near and dear ones informed.

While solo traveling is all about freedom, responsibility has an equal say here. Always keep your family and friends informed about your whereabouts. You can also establish some cue words to let them know if you’re in some trouble.

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