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10+ Stories That Prove We Haven’t Domesticated Cats

10+ Stories That Prove We Haven’t Domesticated Cats

The domestication of animals has changed human lives to a drastic extent. While dog breeds today don’t look much like wolves and pigs don’t look like black boars, cats still look pretty much like wild cats. This is because they domesticated themselves. If you don’t believe us, look at some hilarious instances we gathered below, straight from some really dedicated cat owners.

  • My 3-month-old kitten figured out how to open the drawers on our dresser so she sleeps in them. © KibblesNB*****s / Reddit
  • I have a cat that plays catch with me, and will even bring me the ball. © Dalantech / Reddit
  • I had one that would turn off the Xbox when he felt my husband was ignoring him. © MarbleousMel / Reddit
  • I sometimes suspect mine of being a dog. He loves belly rubs, comes to a whistle, and drools when he’s happy. Plus he’s barely vocal but insanely loyal to me. Oh, and he has zero interest in boxes and rarely climbs onto counters or tables. © SlightlyDrooid / Reddit

Bonus stories from our editorial staff

  • My cat “prays” when he wants things — it could be anything (a treat, a bug he can’t quite reach, to play with the strings of the ceiling fan, our attention) and we fall for it every time because it is just too cute — we can’t resist. My other one loves wearing a bowtie — I’m too nervous to leave it on him for too long because I’m afraid it will catch on something. But he LOVES it. And they both insist on sleeping in my closet on top of my clothes.
  • My cat uses a remote control to turn on the air-con when he needs it. And sometimes turns on the TV to watch crime series (if he has the luck to turn it on when there is a channel he likes). He also learned how to jump and turn on the lights in the room.

Does your pet show signs of self-domestication too? Share their stories with us.

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