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14 Heartbreaking Pet Stories That Will Make You Want to Kiss Your Animals

Pets are one of the best changes that can happen in our lives. Our pets are our children, and true members of the family. Unfortunately, they will not be able to be with us for our whole lives, but throughout their lives they will try to bring us only happiness, love, and peace. However, you need to be prepared that life with an animal will not always look like a fairytale. And sometimes things will happen that will touch you to the core.

1. “Just adopted this little guy, he’s got battle damage from his time on the Brooklyn streets.”

2. “A coworker’s relative got this pup without consulting the wife and couldn’t keep it so I swooped in to take him in. First family dog and my wife and daughter are ecstatic. Christmas hero.”

3. “Adopted this old girl a month ago. I will never have to pick out socks ever again. I wake up to dozens of them on my head in the morning. Every. Day.”

4. “This little derp-faced cutie is up for adoption in my town. If I didn’t already have 2 dogs, my feet would have wings on the way to the shelter. Meet Bat. A more apt name does not exist.”

5. “We adopted 6yo Gimli into our fellowship last Sunday, as no one wanted him because of his age. Any recommendations on how to get an older cat settled into his furever home?”

6. “Chip and I have 2 good eyes between us.”

7. “Yesterday, we had to euthanize our 15-year-old cat because of kidney failure. She was my best friend and was always there to sooth me with her purrs. I stayed in front of her the whole time so she’d know I was there for her, just like she was for me so many times in the past. Be at peace Maggie.”

8. “Dewey, aged 17. We adopted this cyclops at age 16 but it feels like we’ve known him forever.”

9. “My cat was attacked by a bobcat 2 weeks ago and had one of his eyes removed. He got his stitches out yesterday and he is doing great! Help me pick out a pirate name for my sweet boy! We’ve been calling him ’Billie Eyeless.’”

10. “This is Rae. Last night she saved us by barking to alert us that there was a fire. Good girl, Rae.”

11. “The hardest I cried in years, this little soldier saved my life countless times in my darkest moments fighting depression. His tour is over after 15 years. He did a great job and now it’s time for him to rest. Lion 2007-2022.”

12. “We don’t have kids so my wife and I take our dog around to look at the lights. He loves it.”

13. “My wife and I adopted a former feral who ‘chose people’ instead of going back to her cat gang. Meet Trish the people-liker!”

14. “I volunteer with a rescue. This is Fish. He has flat chested kitten syndrome and wears a brace to give his body a chance to grow normally. My kids don’t know it — but we’re adopting Fish.”

Share your favorite pet photo in the comments. What is your favorite story about them?

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