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15+ Guys Who Didn’t Want Pets but Now Can’t Live Without Them

When you ask your father if you can bring a pet home, the answer is usually no, but in all situations, these dads are the ones who love the animal the most and take care of it all of the time. The purest type of love is created in their first interaction. These are just a few examples that have captured proof of this phenomenon.

1. ’’’He can only stay one night until we find him a home.’ Fast forward to a year later."

2. “We had to pretend he was an office cat for a while cause my dad didn’t want to keep him.”

3. “From ’Don’t bring me small animals,’ to ’Take a picture of us together.’ They’re inseparable now.”

4. “My boyfriend with the cat who ’would just be a nuisance.’”

5. “After not wanting a dog, this is family dog #3, Snoopy.”

6. “My mom sent me this picture of my dad and Callie together last night. This is the cat he said he didn’t want 4.5 years ago.”

7. “Dad and the cat he didn’t want”

8. “Dad: I don’t want a bird in this house!”

9. “Went from ’No, we’re absolutely not keeping the kitten you found,’ to looking like Vito Corleone every time he sits down.”

10. “Mr. I will never have a cat — they’ve had 13 years together.”

11. “My boyfriend: ’Fine, you can get a dog, but I don’t want one and I’m not taking care of her.’ Also my boyfriend:”

12. ’’’Keep him off the furniture! He’s not a lap dog!’’’

13. “He told me I couldn’t have a new cat after we lost our last one, then a feral had kittens in our backyard and abandoned 4.”

14. “I didn’t want a cat, and I vibe with this guy more than anything.”

15. "My dad, 8 years ago: ’If your brother brings that dog into this house, I’m disowning him.’ My dad today: ’Blaze is an old man like me and needs special attention."’

16. ’’’He will only be your dog, and I won’t walk him or pick up after him!!’’’

17. ’’’We’re not getting a rabbit.’’’

18. ’’’It’s, not my cat, I didn’t want it. I’ll never let it on me.’"

Do you have a pet? What’s your favorite thing about your pet? Share a photo of your pet in the comments.

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