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15 Pics That Make Us Love Our Pet Friends Even More

Having a best friend doesn’t always mean it has to be human. Our best friends can be walking on 4 paws as well. It’s funny how we find ourselves talking to our pets, expecting them to understand what we’re saying. Even if they didn’t catch a word of it, they can still show us a little smile.

We at 5-Minute Crafts collected 15 of the purest pictures of animals that will make us love them even more.

1. " My large icee was full when I went in the store for 2 minutes."

2. The perfect napping spot doesn’t exi —

3. “Celebrating her birthday”

4. “Every time I shower, he thinks I’m suffering and tries to rescue me.”

5. “He hates when we leave.”

6. “Don’t leave me!”

7. “My dog snuggling her stuffed animal during a thunder storm”

8. “Best day ever!”

9. “My boyfriend was supposed to be watching them when I walked into the living room and found everyone like this!”

10. Can’t resist this smile.

11. “My grandpa and his bird eating breakfast with their matching hairstyles”

12. “Oh my gosh, I couldn’t help but show how my beloved dog sleeps!”

13. Looks like someone didn’t want to take a picture...

14. “I borrowed some of your clothes, hope you don’t mind!”

15. “My golden retriever puppy, Kaycee, wanted my attention so badly while I was doing dishes.”

Do you have a pet at home? What’s something they’ve done that made you laugh like crazy?

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