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16 Unique Facts About Animals to Check Out — Part II

Animals are intelligent, social, and beautiful, and they continue to surprise us every day. They’ve evolved through time and continue to do so. There are over 8.7 million species of animals and plants living in existence on Earth today. There’s still a lot we don’t know about their mysterious world. We rounded up 16 random but surprising facts about animals that will open the doors of this mysterious world for you.

1. A scorpion can go without food for a year, live as long as 25 years, and glows under black or UV light.

2. Kiwi birds have their nostrils located at the ends of their beaks.

3. An octopus has blue-colored blood, a doughnut-shaped central brain, 3 hearts, and a brain on every tentacle(arm) with about 200-250 suckers. It can move at 25 mph.

4. A woodpecker has a very long tongue that protects its brain during high-speed pecking.

5. Alpine bumblebees can fly higher than Mt. Everest.

6. Leatherback turtles, one of the largest and heaviest reptiles, live primarily on jellyfish and have spiky teeth-like papillae in their mouths.

7. The electricity produced by an electric eel can range from 600 to 860 volts.

8. A snail may have up to 25,000 teeth and a rough tongue.

9. Sharks keep growing throughout their lifetime.

10. 2 of the loudest animals are sperm whales, with 230 dB, and blue whales, with a sound of 188 dB.

11. Bats are the only flying mammals.

12. Dolphins sleep with one eye closed and half of their brains at a time while keeping the other half awake to watch out for danger.

13. Owls can’t really smell their prey because they don’t have a sense of smell. Instead, they rely on their sense of hearing.

14. Frogs can freeze without dying.

15. An elephant’s trunk contains about 100,000 muscles and tendons.

16. Ayam Cemani, a rare chicken from Indonesia, is all black due to a genetic mutation, including its skin, internal organs, tongue, eyes, etc.

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