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18 Animals That Prove Comedy Knows No Species

Animals can sometimes brighten our day by doing silly and hilarious things or making funny faces that can make us laugh. They may do so for various reasons, including seeking our attention or just because they are bored and want to play.

1. “When being inconvenient is more important than being comfortable”

2. “Just my neighbor & his cat... reading”

3. “My puppy decided he also wanted a piece of my mom’s birthday cake.”

4. The best seat EVER!

5. “This bird landed by my window and stared at me like I had done something wrong to his whole family.”

6. “I think I might’ve done something wrong because apparently, my cat wants me to sit down and have a talk.”

7. Who said I couldn’t fit?

8. “It’s that time of year again.”

9. When your dog doesn’t like taking photos:

10. “That’s one way to eat dinner.”

11. Playing hide and seek.

12. This cat is giving a thumbs up.

13. “Scream.”

14. “My pets try to act like they’re not codependent as I exit the bathroom.”

15. “Lemon ALWAYS tries to jump on top of Honey and keep her in the box.”

16. “My cat, Pepper informing me that it will soon be her dinner time.”

17. “Tried to get a selfie with Beetle”

18. “When you don’t know what you’re doing but want to help.”

Have your pets done something that made you laugh? Share your story in the comments.

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