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8 Strange Pet Behaviors Finally Explained

Even if the dogs and cats were domesticated thousands of years ago, their behavior remained the same as in the wild. Their instincts make them do certain things that seem a little weird, unexplainable, and illogical to us.

5-Minute Crafts has listed some strange behavior pets display to help you better understand your furry friends.

1. Why cats enjoy the odor of filthy shoes

Pheromones and scents from other cats or animals are likely to be present on smelly shoes. When a cat scratches dirty shoes, it attempts to leave its odor on them. Also, in the wild, the scent is like marking territory.

2. Why dogs walk in circles before they sleep

To create a nest and a cozy place to sleep in the wild, dogs will crush down the grass or shrubs. Additionally, that motion will scare off snakes, insects, or other animals that might harm them. Dogs sleep in our homes today, but they still do this because that’s their instinct.

3. Why your cat enjoys rubbing up on your forehead

By doing this, cats spread their smell to let them know you are a member of their group. Rubbing or bunting is an activity that releases their aroma and promotes bonding. These loving activities are used only in friendly, amiable, consoling, and bonding contexts.

4. Why cats are scared of cucumbers

Cats are supersensitive to their environment, and unexpected objects may spook them. Cucumbers resemble snakes, which may explain why this vegetable elicits such a strong reaction.

Note: Don’t try scaring cats with cucumbers because it’s stressful for them.

5. Why dogs bury objects

This may seem strange, but it is essentially a dog version of locking things up. Dogs in the wild would preserve their meals by burying them in the dirt until they were ready to consume them. Domesticated dogs use similar actions to secure items.

6. Why cats like boxes

When they were in the wild, they had to deal with predators, like wolves, and that’s why cats enjoy spending time in cardboard boxes. It makes them feel safe and secure. Cats also enjoy packages because they lower tension and provide a private space for them to watch you in without being noticed.

7. Why dogs roll in disgusting things

A dog frequently reacts to a perished animal or droppings by falling on its back and furiously rolling in the foul, rotting smell. Canines in the wild were hunting animals to eat. That is why they act this way. A dog has the advantage over its prey when its scent is concealed with a pungent stink.

8. Why cats like to sleep on you

Cats enjoy sleeping on you for several reasons, including feeling secure and protected while bonding with you. They want to sleep on warm surfaces, which is one of the reasons they do it. Kittens sleep in groups with their brothers and sisters, and the cat associates you with them and enjoys hearing your heartbeat. The last reason is that they trust you.

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