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A Guide to Types of Pet Parrots

Most parrots can make great pets. But some of them require special care and shouldn’t be kept in an apartment.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about the types of birds you can have as house pets.


The cockatoo is a smart, talking bird with a crest of plumage on its head. These parrots are very emotional, energetic, and communicative. Cockatoos can even become obsessed with their owners, asking for as much communication as possible.

Due to their high intelligence and love for attention, they can throw tantrums like babies.


Budgerigars are small parrots famous for their curious nature and bright colors. They are very communicative both with people and each other. This is why it’s better to keep them in couples or even groups.


Cockatiels are the smallest kind of cockatoos that are energetic, playful, and friendly. Most of the time, they are gray in color with yellow and white coloration on the head, wings, and crest.

Cockatiels are easy to take care of and get along with.


Macaws are large birds covered in red, blue, and yellow feathers. As pets, they require a lot of time and attention, and they can be very touchy. They are also very playful and talkative.

You should know that these birds tend to be extremely noisy. Their screaming can be heard way outside the apartment, so it’s better to get them only if you don’t have any neighbors nearby.

African grey parrot

African grey parrots are believed to be some of the smartest parrots. They can learn a lot of very different words, they are communicative and kind to their owners, and they don’t like being alone. When they are bored, they feel unhappy and depressed, and they might scream.

African greys are among the best parrots to get as pets. However, some of these birds tend to become “one-person” birds.

Senegal parrot

Most parrots can be quite noisy: when they are happy or irritated, they can scream, screech, and move a lot. But Senegal parrots are often quieter and calmer than others, which makes them great pets.

They are rather small, so they are great to keep in an apartment.

Caique parrot

Caique parrots have strong legs and underdeveloped wings, which is why they often jump and climb around the cage instead of flying. These birds are friendly, they love communication and games, they are great with children, and love spending time with their owners.

These parrots can imitate human speech and learn to do some tricks.


These birds are monogamous and continue to mate with the same partner for life. The colors of lovebirds may vary a lot, but the size and shape are mostly the same. They have a small body, round head, and a rather big beak.

Lovebirds make great pets but if you are not ready to spend a lot of time with them, get them in pairs. Remember: lovebirds are active, so they need a big cage.


Even though there are more than 50 types of lorikeets, the rainbow lory is the most popular one. These birds are beautiful with blue, green, red, yellow, and orange patches of feathers on their bodies, bright red beaks, and black legs.

Rainbow lories are known for their love for communication and sweet and affectionate temperament.

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