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How Llamas Are Different From Alpacas

There are many things, phenomena, and even live creatures in this world that people mix up. For example, we can’t always differentiate bilberries from blueberries, jam from confiture, huskies from malamutes, or llamas from alpacas.

5-Minute Crafts decided to figure out what the big differences between llamas and alpacas are.


Llamas are quite large animals, standing at 47 inches high and weighing around 250 pounds. The llama’s muzzle is elongated and its ears are long and resemble a banana in shape. Its fur is coarse and has 2 layers — a soft undercoat and a coarse overcoat that are difficult to separate from one another. Its color will likely be different depending on the body part.

Llamas’ fur is used as pillow filler as well as material for weaving rugs and ropes. Their muzzles don’t have much hair, it is straight and short. Llamas are independent and, to some extent, aggressive animals — they can spit and even kick, especially if they don’t like something.


Alpacas are much smaller than llamas — their height is about 35 inches and their weight can be anywhere from 121 to 143 pounds. They have a short muzzle, their ears are not as long as llamas’ and they’re pointy. Alpacas’ wool is soft, fine, and grows back quickly. The color is the same throughout the body but varies in different individuals from white and light yellow to brown and black.

Alpacas’ fur is used in clothing production because it is soft, warm, light, and hypoallergenic. Moreover, alpacas have much more hair on their muzzles than llamas. Alpacas gather in herds and are skittish and timid.

To sum up, we can outline several main differences:

  • Size: Llamas are larger.
  • Ears: Llamas’ ears are long, and alpacas’ ears are shorter.
  • Fur: Llamas’ fur is coarse, and alpacas’ fur is soft and thin.
  • Muzzle: Llamas have elongated faces, and alpacas’ faces are short.
  • Character: Llamas are brave and brisk, while alpacas are fearful and gather in herds.
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