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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears According to a Veterinarian’s Advice

Taking care of our best friend is very important, and, in some cases, cleaning its ears is a fundamental part of his healthcare routine. Doing it is simple, as long as it’s routine grooming and your pet does not suffer from any infection or condition that requires specific treatment.

5-Minute Crafts wants to show you how to clean your dog’s ears. Just keep in mind that it’s always necessary to consult a veterinarian to figure out if your pet actually needs to have its ears cleaned or not, and about the most appropriate products to use to do that.

What you’ll need

  • 4 sterile gauze pads
  • A pair of latex gloves
  • Liquid ear cleaner (ask your veterinarian for the right product for your pet)
  • 1 pair of tweezers


1. Put on your gloves and make sure the animal is in a comfortable position, either in front of you or next to you, whatever way you find it easier to hold them. Move any hairs that get into the ear so they are out of the way. If there’s a lot of hair, you can pull some of it out with a special pair of tweezers called a hemostat, but take into account that this might be uncomfortable for your dog, especially if you’re not a professional.

2. Take the gauze, moisten it with the product recommended by the veterinarian and gently clean the outer part of the ear.

3. Proceed to apply a dash of the product directly into each of the dog’s ears. To do so, tilt its head slightly, hold the bottle upside down, insert the nozzle into the ear canal, and pour the product in until the canal is filled.

4. Then massage the base of the ear from the bottom upward and wipe away the excess with a compress or a cotton ball. This will make your pet shake his/her head, and that’s ok. Let them do this as many times as necessary.

Tips and suggestions

  • Remember to give your pet a treat and to disinfect the nozzle of the bottle after each application.

  • Use a separate piece of gauze for each ear and always make sure it’s clean. If you find excess earwax, make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian as soon as possible. It could be a sign of a possible infection.
  • Just like with humans, never use cotton swabs to clean the inner ear, as this can cause permanent damage to your pet’s ear and it will only push the earwax down into the ear canal.
  • Do not use alcohol or vinegar as cleaning solutions, as these can cause irritation.
  • Always consult your veterinarian about the best products to use and how to take care of your pet.
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