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How to Grow Grass for a Cat

Cats lick themselves every day. As a result, fur gets into their stomach. Eating grass helps cats induce vomiting and get rid of the accumulated hair. This is why it’s important to provide your pet with a good supply of fresh grass.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you how to grow cat grass on your window sill.

Here are 2 simple methods to grow cat grass, including one without soil.

Option 1: Growing grass without soil

1–2. Take a litter box and wash it thoroughly. Ideally, use a new litter box. This way, your cat won’t be tempted to use the grass as its toilet.

3. Put cat grass seeds on the litter box’s grid (the seeds can be purchased at a pet store.)

4. Pour water into the tray until it reaches the grid on which the seeds are laid. Sprinkle the seeds with water from a spray bottle from time to time. Keep them moist but not wet.

5. In about a week, the grass will be long enough for your cat to eat it.

6–7. Cat grass “lives” for about a week. Then it begins to turn yellow and wither, and your pet won’t eat it anymore. Therefore, you should trim the grass approximately after a week. Put the cut grass in a separate bowl.

8–9. Raise the grid and cut off the roots of the grass completely.

10. Wash the litter box and plant new seeds using the same technique described above.

Give the bowl with the cut grass to your pet.

Option 2: Grass hedgehog for your cat

1. Take a sock and put it into a tall can. Pull the edges of the sock over the can.

2. Fill the sock with soil.

3. Sprinkle the cat grass seeds on top and then cover them with a bit of soil.

4. Take the sock filled with soil out of the can and tie a knot on its top.

5. Glue the nose and eyes of the future hedgehog. Put it in a water bowl. Place the bowl in a warm, light place and add water as soon as it’s absorbed.

6. In a few days, the cat grass will be ready.

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