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How to Know if Your Cat Is Pregnant

Did you know that a single litter of kittens may contain kittens from different fathers? This is why a cat often gives birth to completely different-looking kittens. But before the little guys see light, they will spend around 9 weeks (63-65 days) in their mother’s belly. And during this period, the mother needs special care.

5-Minute Crafts will tell you how to figure out whether a cat is pregnant and how to help her during this important time.

How to know if a cat is pregnant

  • After around 15 days from the moment of conception, the nipples of your cat will turn pink, increase in size, and become brighter. If you couldn’t even see them before under her fur, now they will be visible.

  • At the beginning of the pregnancy, cats might feel nauseated or even vomit. This is why they might lose a little weight.

  • After this period, the cat will have a better appetite and she will eat more often. On average, her weight will increase by 4 lbs, but this depends on how many kittens she has.

  • You will notice that the belly of your pet will increase in size. Don’t try to touch the belly or push on it, even if you are very careful. It is really easy to damage the kittens.

  • Pregnant cats require much more attention and love.

  • The duration and frequency of sleep will increase. Don’t try to wake your cat up, let her rest.

Important: Changes in the behavior and health condition of your cat can be caused not only by pregnancy but by illnesses and other problems. To find out exactly what is happening with your cat, take it to the vet.

How to know your cat will give birth soon

  • As the delivery time approaches, your cat will try to find quiet places to give birth. This usually happens around 2 days before labor, but it could also start just a few hours before. You can help your pet by creating a nice, soft place far from any noise.

  • About 24-48 hours before birth, your cat might get very anxious. She might be running around the house.

  • In addition to chaotic movement and behavior, she will probably also start meowing.

  • The closer she is to birth, the more actively she will lick herself.

  • Right before birth, her appetite will decrease. It will be super-obvious compared to how much she ate before.

Important: When the cat starts the delivery process, try to leave her alone. You can watch the process from a safe distance to make sure everything is going well.


There’s an opinion that a cat has to give birth before she is sterilized. Allegedly, this is good for her health. But there’s no proof of that whatsoever. So, if you can and you don’t want to have kittens, have your cat sterilized. You can have it done as soon as she is 6 months old.

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